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Next generations offers more than just better graphic.

888d ago ... It was already known that both the PS4 and Xbox One would arrive by the years end in most territories, now it is official the PS4 will launch on November 15th in the US and Canada followed by Europe, Australia and New Zealand on the 29th. Microsoft on the other hand will launch the Xbox One on November 22nd in 13 territories including the UK and USA. This puts each launch within a week of each...

Next gen gaming looks to take advantage of the second screen

906d ago ... The next generation of consoles will be available later this year and after a little bit of mixed messaging and Microsoft performing a complete 180 on what they set out to do with the Xbox one we’re left with two consoles that are now more of the same. Yes both consoles still have technical difference in terms of memory clock speed, controller etc, but for the most part we can expect games to p...

Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear

1323d ago ... Metal Gear is one of the longest running gaming franchises with titles released on multiple platforms dating back to 1987 when Kojima debuted the original metal gear on the MSX computer. Hideo Kojima is responsible for creating a new epic stealth action series, which carries a tragedy story element. Kojima has produced several sequels that all take place in the same universe, with each sequel...

PS4 confirmed in a way

1340d ago ... Scott Rohde of SCEA has confirmed that a successor to the PS3 is coming he didn't say when we can expect the system or even when Sony will begin to release system specs or a potential launch window. Sony may not be making any official announcements but there are plenty of rumors circulating on the internet. Some rumors point towards Sony launching the PS4/Orbis ahead of the next Xbox during hol...

Project Orbis aka Playstation 4

1415d ago ... Project Orbis is the supposed codename for the Playstation 4 and it features an anti pre-owned system according to new reports. Sony seems to like Latin words and if Orbis works with vita Sony could form the circle of life where Orbis means circle and vita meaning life. Sony doesn't seem to be the only console holder looking at anti preowned systems Microsoft is also rumoured to be planning to...
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