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Sony Increase More Investment Into Streaming Entertainment of Playstation Gaming!

437d ago ... As you May have heard or Have seen the News on Sony's Problems with Profit Generation with the recent projected sales Shortage in the mobile section. Example: Sony Tumbles as $2.1 Billion Loss Limits Hirai’s Options When Hirai took over as CEO in 2012, he said Sony’s revival would be driven by games, imaging products and mobile devices. Since then, the company has announced job cuts an...

Why Playstation TV really does mean : Playstation TV

446d ago ... As you my Know Sony is set to release the new playstation TV into the Market of the West this OCT 14th 2014, and Nov 2014 for Europe. Many People Have Questioned Sony's Idea on the viability of such a product, that Aside from a Little 1st party Software support for such a platform now, and what little 1st party many gamers see a lack of Sony offering, with a high price for blank media cards...

The PSVita was built in Challenge to the Smart Device function of Remote Access

717d ago ... and Not the 3DS You can call it concession, to Nintendo if you will for the crown of the king of Mobile Gaming, you would be right, but what is more important, is there may not be any dedicated Mobile Handheld Gaming Systems anymore of large size of market share strength, if Nintendo or Sony did nothing to stop smart device companies making devices to challenge this part of the market....
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