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Nintendo's Wii U - Failure To Launch

1102d ago ... The Wii U has been launched with some lackluster sales, especially when compared to, well, anything else. The “tablet” gimmick is obvious with the controller with a screen on it. It looks like a Leapster pad. Nintendo was obviously hoping to prey off the “every 9 year old wants an iPad nowadays” mentality, and I can’t really blame them, but at the same time, it was an incredibly juvenile and...

The Exponential Progression of Video Games

1122d ago ... As the years go by, we've seen games go from 8 and 16-bit sprites to full three dimensional models consisting of thousands of polygons, but can gaming continue advancing and innovating at the rate that it has been indefinitely? Let's start by first taking a look at Moore's Law. Moore's Law states that approximately every two years (18 months depending on who you ask) the number of transisto...
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