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Capcom, Squeenix, Activision, Ubisoft; Fall of the titans

1500d ago ... Greetings everyone.This is an opinionated piece, so don't get all worked out because I insulted your favourite game, tell me instead why do you like that game. In all my years as a gamer, I've come to love and hate companies through their games, their marketing or their respective preachers. Be it Sega vs Nintendo, you had your preferences, your colors, your technical data to counterattac...

To Anon & Sony

1605d ago ... My name is Dan, pleased to meet you. We are not Anonymous.We are The Gamers. Our core goals aren't political nor aesthetic. We did not ask to be pushed into GNU vs Proprietary wars. We just want to own the hardware and buy the software at lower, reasonable prices, preferably paid directly and/or mostly to the developers. We don't feel the need to hide. We won't put up anymore wi...
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