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"Why does everyone have to be so Negative about everything? It's really Depressing!"

The Xbox 180 U-Turn Perspective - From an Xbox Gamer

841d ago ... Obviously, everyone knows what happened on June 19, 2013 at 2pm on the Xbox Wire, so I won't go into too much detail as it's written in every article on N4G. And I haven't commented as much as I usually do, for the simple fact that I didn't have all of the information to judge the Xbox One and I wanted to keep my 5 Bubbles :D. So here we go... Personally, I think Microsoft was doomed right o...

The Time is Now for Sega to Return!

854d ago ... Xbox One...Dead on Arrival/DRM every 24HRS/Privacy Outrage. Wii U...Dismal sales/No steady game releases/weak hardware. PlayStation 4...Looking to recapture the core gamer audience/Still needs more clarification requiring online DRM/used games, etc. (*And please don't give me links to Feb. 21 articles about what Yoshida said*). Sega...QUESTION MARK? Microsoft have literally 'shot themselves...

Can the Xbox One be Microsoft's First Company-Branded Desktop Computer?

861d ago ... May 21, 2013 will go down in video gaming history as the day Microsoft revealed it's third generation gaming platform, known as Xbox One - The All-In-One Multimedia & Gaming Device. May 21st will also be known as the day that around 78% of the gaming community ( http://uk.gamespot.com/twitter-battle/xbox-vs-ps4/) took to twitter and forums/comment sections everywhere and started their backlash...

To buy a Vita or Not to buy a Vita.....That is the question!

879d ago ... Today, while I was working hard at note taking in school (and by note taking I mean being on N4G, GiantBomb, etc. and taking video games notes :D) I came across something in my PM box! I've used my PM box numerous times to have multiple discussions with friends, fellow-gamers and mods on N4G, outside of commenting on certain articles (which I can't do much of anyways with only 3 bubbles :/), bu...

Three things Microsoft can do for their Next-Gen Xbox

920d ago ... Amidst all the rumors and speculation regarding Microsoft's next generation gaming console, their success with the Xbox 360 is nothing short of a milestone achievement for the Redmond company, especially when compared to their initial entrance into the console gaming market with the original Xbox. Being the first console to launch the seventh generation back in 2005, Microsoft were primed an...
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