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Fanboys! A question for you.

2545d ago ... What is it that turns normal game fans into rabid fanboys?

The potential problem with Trophies on the PS3

2809d ago ... First let me state my position on Achievements on the Xbox 360. I really like the whole concept that Microsoft introduced here. It might not be the first time a game has given out awards and unlockables. There have always been easter eggs and unlocks for playing a game through on Hard mode or collecting all the hidden objects etc. The clever thing that Microsoft did was make a console wide syst...

Microsoft possibly releasing a Wiimote?

2857d ago ... My opinion on the rumoured wii-mote copy coming from Microsoft.

Does Sony bury their head in the sand regarding inflation of PSN user numbers?

2893d ago ... If you take the time to read some forum posts, most people have multiple accounts on psn for downloading from each territories store. This is done because, while some demo's are released in all areas at the same time, most are just released in one or two specific regions at a time.

What defines a next generation game?

2893d ago ... I am writing this in response to reading a review of Devil may cry 4 which labelled it last generation

Why doesn't Microsoft want mouse control on the Xbox 360?

2893d ago ... Traditionally consoles have been all about playing games, it's only in the last eight years or so that consoles have been more than just games players. I haven't done exhaustive research. I am sure there have been PDA type software for the Super Nintendo and Megadrive. But the PS2 was really the first useful diversion with it's ability to play DVD's. Since the growth of the mobile phone it has...

Why PS3 users screaming for in game XMB may be a bad idea!

2893d ago ... Since the Playstation 3 was first launched people have been complaining they can't do the same things as you can on the xbox 360 with regards to online friends list, cross game communication and chat and the ability to play your own music in games. As time has went on the call has changed from we want to be able to chat to friends online, or we want to play our own music in game, to we want in...
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