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"Is the Socratic method a method of genius?"

Gran Turismo 5 Selling Faster Than Halo 3?

1695d ago ... The latest figures have released regarding the sales of Gran Turismo 5, a PlayStation 3 exclusive. They certainly paint a nice picture of how fast this game is selling. GT5 has seen 6.37 million copies moved in six weeks, according to Polyphony Digital's website. So how does it stack up to the sales of heavy hitters on the Xbox 360, such as the highly rated, 10+ million strong Halo 3? Jef...

The Moderation on N4G is Ridiculous

1767d ago ... For almost 2 years, I have visited N4G for the latest video game news and content (Even if half of the submitted articles are garbage). For 2 years, I pretty much just ignored the goofy inconsistencies and bias from the moderators. But when I was reduced to 2 bubbles in a few days for posts that HARDLY deserved what moderators marked them for, I felt that I could no longer hold my tongue....

Xbox 360: Elephants Filling up the Room

2138d ago ... The Xbox 360 has a Problem with not only one elephant in the room, but several.
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