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Death of A PS3 Love Afair Pt. 2

2671d ago ... So we meet again, and on good terms I bet your wishing me. This is not the case how ever, as you may have recalled my last tragic story from here, the story now just gets thicker. If you are squeamish about stories that involve a company(Sony) multiply screwing over a customer, then turn back now, as if you are to step across the line, abandon all hope. --------------------------

Death of A PS3 Love Afair

2690d ago ... *STOP* If you don't want to hear someones problems, you may as well stop reading here. This is a tale of trying to repair a dead PS3 with Sony's call center, and me caught in a struggle to make everything right my self.

PS3 Gamers: Where Are The RPG's?

2811d ago ... Ever wonder where our PS3 RPG games are at? So do I, In this article, I look into my own anguish to try and find comfort through fuming. this leads to a list of RPG's that were promised, but didn't quite make it to there original release dates.

MP3 to PS3 from a simple website

2821d ago ... Find out the way GutZ downloads MP3s directly from the internet to his PS3.

Stop the madness that is

2853d ago ... News is news, as many a great mind will most likely tell you. But what is really worth your time in actually thinking about? Fox news has recently come under fire for its overly critical roll in trying to defame video games, as well as anything related to them in an attempt to get people thinking of things that are not important, but hide the facts of some of the most crucial, ie. Irac war....
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