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The reason the XMB sucks is...

1442d ago ... ... Because of 1 of 2 things! 1, you have a PS3 but don’t know how to work with it! 2, you don’t own a PS3 and base your rant in a post someone made over 3 years ago. I´ve seen plenty of complains regarding the XMB in the past few days. I think it’s because the new overall the Xbox 360 is getting later this year and people base their opinions that the XMB doesn’t work very well since it hasnt b...

Hackers are comedians

1505d ago ... Today I was browsing the web and some known games sites. Amongst my browsing, I usually visit hacking sites in order to figure out what’s been going on the PS3 in regards of piracy and other stuff. By touching this subject, and to not be mistaken or regarded as a pirate of some sorts, I do not approve the modification of PS3´s firmware to enable it to run custom applications. I visit these site...

PSN is down *Humor* (a try, at best)

1559d ago ... The recent gaming related news is all about the PSN being down. Some rejoice, some debate compensation and others claim it wasnt their fault. So, who is to blame?! Sony, hackers or the Easter bunny?! I say… kill the $%#&ing rabbit!!! Thats right guys! I know who the culprit is and I captured him while attempting to leave a malicious egg on my house! Im gonna find out how he did it and who he...

DLC that isn't DLC

1947d ago ... Is DLC worthy?!

Gametrailers Uncharted 2 Review

2123d ago ... Spoilers in Gametrailers Uncharted 2 review
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