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How To Survive/Shorten the Next-Gen Waiting Line

822d ago ... So, you've decided not to pre-order your next generation console online. You are going to wait in line at launch with all the crazy people, and endure the bad weather. Waiting lines can be some of the most dangerous, and most boring, places in the galaxy. You have to keep your wits about you at all times or you could be murdered by a crazy person who is crazy for murdering. So, as a person w...

Sony Copied Nintendo's Copied Ideas

903d ago ... In an interview in Brazil in 2012 ( ) , Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo America was asked a question by the interviewer. The answer, in my opinion, was probably the most arrogant, unprofessional, and surprisingly uninformed answer that he could probably have given. It really questions if Reggie should be in the position he's in, in Nintendo. The questi...

Sony, You Disappoint Me

904d ago ... You have to admit that Sony have been on a roll lately. The PlayStation 4 seems to be getting better all the time, and the PlayStation 3 has been completely turned around from the overpriced game-less mess that was it's launch. The PS3 has the most exclusives out of all the consoles and PlayStation Plus seems like a complete steal because of its free games. Sony are really committed to their...

Ridiculous Things N4G Members Do And Say

911d ago ... You like N4G, don't you? Of course you do! That's why you come here every day. You come here to fight against someone that annoyed you the day before, argue with people that don't share the same opinion as you, blindly defend companies, and laugh at the overused, predictable memes and GIFs with the other N4G members. But the average N4G member can be unpredictable at times, too. Today's frie...

A Kinect Hater Defends Kinect

911d ago ... Before I start, let me just say that I dislike motion controls in general, not just Kinect. The idea of moving around to do stuff that a button press could do just seems ridiculous to me. It annoys me even more when voice controls get thrown into the mix. Talking to my computer when, again, just like motion controls, a press on one of the controller's buttons could do what I need to do, not o...

Your Cousin's Stepmother Needs To Shut The Hell Up

914d ago ... I'm sure you've all noticed the influx of SPAM in the N4G comment sections lately, and I'm sure they annoy you as much as they annoy me. It's gotten so bad that the comment sections play out like this: N4G User, SPAM, N4G User, SPAM, N4G User, SPAM..... I have no doubt in my mind that certain N4G users have become suicidal, or worse, have already downed the pills and are now in Hell being Spa...
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