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A look into Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta

1635d ago ... PSN users with Playstation Plus have been given a real treat in the latest PSN store update. The Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta. I decided to take some time off from playing Witcher 2 and try it out and here are my thoughts. The graphics in Resistance 2 were nothing revolutionary but they were pretty and the engine was able to deliver huge amounts of players and AI monsters on the screen at t...

Playstation Network downtime

1751d ago ... The Playstation Network has been down now for over 3 days and the effects are starting to show. There has been the usual rage, despair and oaths never to touch Sony product ever again. My own PS3 died last week after 4 years of gaming and good times. I was able to copy most of my saved data and I had bought a new slim 320 GB PS3. But because of the downtime I haven't been able to log on PSN...

Look at PSN Store and PS+ resent offerings

1922d ago ... So today a lot of new things were available in the PSN Store. I started by trying the Blacklight: Tango Down. All I can say is that I laughed trough playing the 20 trial minutes, yes it was that terrible. Sound was terrible as there was no kick in the gunshot sounds. Also music bugged the first 2 times I tried to play the game. Graphics were bad even for a game with a price tag of 12,99 euro...

Assasins Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer BETA impressions

1960d ago ... I just finished playing the Assassins Creed multiplayer BETA and I must say I'm impressed. I'm a huge fan of the first two games and have been waiting for this for a very long time. The controls are familiar to veterans of the series but they have been simplified. Assassinations happen with the square button and you don't have any other weapons. Well that and being anonymous. You earn new skill...

My journey to PC gaming so far (and little PS3 talk)

1969d ago ... In my last blog post I talked about being new to the true PC gaming scene and what difficulties I had faced. So far I have bought a couple of new games to PC one of them being Bioshock 2. This games installation was a complete disaster. When I first installed it the release date checking program didn't work and I had to do it manually. I finally got to play the game and it was fun and awesome u...

Making the leap from console to PC gaming

2009d ago ... So I have been a console player since the first Playstation and after that I have owned PS2&3. The PC has always been the lesser platform for me the only games I have really played on it have been Dawn of War and Battlefield 2 and 2142. My PC was crappy thing bought from my friend and used to only surf the web and MSN. Then came the changing moment. I went away for a weekend and when I came...

Preview of Dark Void based on the demo

2219d ago ... My preview of Dark Void based on the demo.

MW2 reviews are too generous

2272d ago ... My thoughts of MW2 and it's reviews.

Racism in games... Really?

2388d ago ... I talk my mind about racism and about it in video games.
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