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"If you are visiting my profile, you are most likely angry at me for a comment I made. U MAD BRO?"

DmC - Similar with much to get used to

1250d ago ... This is part 2 of my DmC PAX 2012 experience. In my previous blog I wrote my story of going to PAX and trying out the game. - I was very displeased with the games' engine on the PS3. It didn't feel very smooth as it looks on the videos and from the looks of it, the game appeared to run better on the 360 version -...

DmC - Ninja Theory's repeated mistakes on the PS3

1257d ago ... To give you folks a bit of a back story on this blog, I went to PAX Prime this past weekend to help out at the Kingston Hyper X booth and also to watch the Dota 2 International at the Benaroya hall. But one thing I knew I had to do before the end of the convention was to try out DmC for various reasons: I have been skeptical of Ninja Theory taking over development since day 1 - you can find me...
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