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A little insight: Marvel vs Capcom 3

1775d ago ... [First off I apologize for the lateness] Now lets begin with what I just can't wrap my head around. MvsC3 was suppose to be the all time greatest fighting game of this generation. All the dominoes were stacked in line an it looked like it was going to pull it off. Then it happened. I should have known we were in trouble when they started to reveal characters every other week. That brings me...

Is it spidey's turn for glory?

1777d ago ... With the reveal of spiderman: edge of time is it finally time for spiderman to take off? First off I'm a huge Marvel fan, but as far as marvel hero's having a good game MEHHHH. Wolverine's game was pretty well received and I enjoyed it alot but lets face it thats pretty much it. Batman already has the crown for best comic adaptation, so where does that leave us? Before Shattered Dimensions th...

Give us a break MK

1778d ago ... So What's going on with Publisher's these days? Everybody's trying to win over a buck from the little guy. This segment isn't focusing on all the publishers though, just one. Warner Bros. You know, I happen to be a big fan of the Mortal Kombat series for many, many years. Yes they got a little sucky for a while but when your a devoted fan you just gotta stick with it. Midway bit the dust, Wa...
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