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Can games be Inspiring?

890d ago ... I constantly look for things that inspire me. As human beings we all need that extra push from time to time that will change our mindset and motivate us to keep on going towards our goals in life. We have the ability to get inspired by many things. And some of those inspirational moments we live can create a whole new version of ourselves that we did not know was there. A new love for a hobby...

Where modern multiplayer gaming went wrong.

921d ago ... I constantly try a lot of games, a lot of those games end up being multiplayer games. I have somewhat of a slight "problem" with current multiplayer games of this generation though, and this issue seems to be only getting worse. I remember watching the battlefield 4 presentation during this years E3, the one in which multiple EA Staff members were playing the game. One player was playing as...

Top ten reasons why this was the best generation ever.

1029d ago ... Next Gen is almost here but before we move on to the next one lets recap gaming's awesome accomplishments this gen. This is the stuff that made MS, Sony and Nintendo who they are today. In no particular order. 1. In the beginning there was light...a red light. Remember when the Xbox 360 came out? Yeah.. that. It was a mess, the red ring of death was like a plague killing gamer's consoles li...

The PS4 will help the industry with one of its biggest problems.

1074d ago ... Recently, Sony has gone ahead to announce its new PS4 system to the delight of many and fear of some. With this new announcement, several new features were introduced to the gaming world that many gamers are excited about. Take features like the ability to see friends playing through real-time streaming to videos posted on facebook and you have a seriously socially-connected device. This fea...
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