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"Can i stick my manhood in your forge?"

Playstation Moves Weightlessness

1580d ago ... Playstation Move: It Moves you!

What Next Next Gen Gaming Needs: More Immersion

1643d ago ... Next next gen needs more immersion...

Not Every Game Needs Multiplayer

1647d ago ... Gaming needs more story driven games, not multiplayer ones...

The Age of Downloadable Content

1655d ago ... This is the age of downloadable content and that will not ever change. You must either pay the price or miss out on what is offered.

PSN Premium Service is a Smart Move for Sony

1675d ago ... PSN Premium service is a good thing...

Opinions on Game of the Year

1697d ago ... What game really deserves GOTY?

Early 2010 Has Too Many Games

1697d ago ... Too many darn games in too short of a time frame!

Modern Warfare 2: Paving the Way?

1711d ago ... Is MW2 paving the way not only for better multiplayer, but more mature/ controversial settings in games?
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