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"current Laptop 8800GTM SLi 1GB- 4GB RAM OS WIN7ULT - Current NextGen PC- GTX780 3GB - 16 GB RAM ..." < the real evil

610d ago ... what is the miiverse ( Mii universe), I'll just copy and paste this nifty little piece ---- Miiverse allows users to seamlessly share accomplishments, comments, and hand written notes with other users. Miiverse is integrated into the system menu of the Wii U and 3DS, but social interactions can also occur within supported games and applications. ---- As we all know we are not free to thin...

N4G Bubbles system...

2216d ago ... N4G bubble system , change is needed?

Resident Evil 4 to 5 (Love or Hate)

2421d ago ... My thoughts on the new RE5 coming out vs my love affair with RE4
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