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Gran Turimo comment gets my friend banned from Gamespot.

1891d ago ... I understand a sites need to keep things under control. I understand that criticism hurts a bit, we've all gone through it. But my friend was banned from Gamespot for criticizing a video of tips for Gran Turismo. There was no cursing, no insulting, no name calling. He said the guy didn't know what he was talking about, and that got him banned. Seriously, here the whole quote: "These...

Memories of Gran Turismo

1905d ago ... With Gran Turismo 5 releasing in less than 24 hours, I start thinking about my experiences with the very first GT. It was at first a mediocre experience, actually more like boring. That changed after a bit of time to the extent of absolute love for the game, until a tragic end. I borrowed the game from a friend, heard it was great, wanted to check it out. I remember when I played it, I th...
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