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"GTA V .......GOTY 2012"

Naughty Dog's Critical Acclaim

779d ago ... I know there has been a lot of speculation that The Last of Us will beat Uncharted 2 as the most critically acclaimed Naughty Dog's game. Well, it may happen or it may not, only time will tell. As for now let me give you a breakdown for the following titles as per N4G:- Note:- Non-score(-) reviews are not included for comparison. --------Uncharted 2: Among Thieves--------- Total Reviews=...

"Metacritic is unbiased"-What a joke!!!!

1349d ago ... I thank all N4G users for their support to my last post. Let me tell you that I am a review analyst by profession in a company named Milestone Interactive Ltd. In my last post I provided you all with some perfect review facts, and now I am gonna share some more facts regarding our beloved site Metacritic. I am sure mostly everyone knows the ridiculous metascore conversion of (A) to (100), (A-)...

2011 Perfect Scores Breakdown

1353d ago ... I dont know how many of the N4G users have counted this year's perfect scores but let me tell you, Uncharted 3 has the highest number of perfect scores this year. Let me give you all this year's breakdown:- Note:-All these reviews are N4G reviews, no extra review is considered. 1.Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Total Reviews: 360 Non score reviews(-):31 Net Reviews:329 Perfect Scores:1...
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