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E3 Prediction: Natal To "Borrow" Subcontroller From Move

1744d ago ... Thinking about how E3 will play out, I've got a hunch. When you start digging into Natal, or whatever it's soon to be called, the major problem with the vaunted controller-less controller is just that. No buttons. My prediction is that at E3, Microsoft will introduce a similar buttoned one-handed controller, or a set of controllers to remedy the issue. I'm not sure if it will include any...

Natal: Flagrant Inaccuracies

1753d ago ... Posted on an article about the PSN Eye Kung-Fu game: "True it's not 3D mocap but with this tech and the PSMove it can fully be just that. The point I was making was that Natal claimed that placing the player into the game was not possible on any other system. Yet here it is on the PS3 before we have yet to see it done on Natal... other than the faked marketing vid." Yeah, and the PS3...
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