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""Looking for trouble....""

DA's input #4: The curious case of "broadening" audiences.

1299d ago ... This gaming generation is by far the most convoluted of this era. With many people connected now more than ever, we have witnessed bantering and bickering over many degrees of discussions: ranging from timed-exclusives, portability issues, graphics, online features, etc. Like a bonfire surrounded by wild primitives burning anyone and anything to appease whatever idol-in-question just to keep...

DA's input #3: DLC "Incomplete content and Engine improvements"? The moral issue...

2104d ago ... If there's one thing I really hate about the gaming business is that there is always some sort of practice that would make the consumers feel that they're not getting their money's worth. Back in the old days, when you bought a game -- that was IT, nothing more nothing less. But as the consoles are becoming more and more PC-like, trinkets in the form of "expansions" tend to give more value...

DA's Input #2: Console Graphics..... can't WE just accept it all?

2117d ago ... Breaking down the subject of the so-called "graphical war" between the HD consoles. Get into the details of the PS3 and 360 and to why a battle like this is unnecessary.
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