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Can Nintendo Save The Wii U? If So, How.

798d ago ... So yes we all know pretty damn well that the Wii U is not in a hot place right now. Yet we have to ask ourselves some questions here. Why is the Wii U selling really bad at the moment, i mean they had a year head start out the gate and hardly has nothing to show for it. Okay so we know that at the games are not entirely there. Ports and delay after delay. The Casual audience is gone or well...

A Nintendo Theory. What Can Save The Wii U and a Huge Win Over Their Competitors

1145d ago ... Well since the launch of the Wii U last month on Nov 18th. Thing's haven't really gone Nintendo's way has it? Some will disagree and most will agree. Yet could there really be an answer to what Nintendo has planned down the road that most of us just don't see coming? Perhaps there might just be more light at the end of this dark tunnel of disappointment after all, Maybe, just maybe. Now before...
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