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"Siempre Amanazando"

Don't gimp my PS4 versions (Part 2)

748d ago ... This is what I like to hear, no gimping of my products. When I want something, I want it produced and expressed as best as it can. Something else comparable can’t keep up? Well its their fault for not making a strong enough or efficient product. Don’t hold back your products, and make the public suffer. Give us the best experience you can, and you will shine because of it. I made a blog some...

MS Bribing for it right?

831d ago ... Ok, so we heard MS secured the rights of the first Titanfall on their platforms and PC for its "lifetime" (whatever that means). We all know why it went down. $$$$$$$ But is it right that MS does this? We already know they have done this numerous times in the past with FFXIII and the GTA series. Now I know what a lot of you are just saying, "It's just business". Well, that doesn't really m...

Don't gimp my PS4 versions

879d ago ... We have seen several sources from developers and in the fact sheet that the PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox One. That is not a question, and it doesn't what matter they do, MS cannot match the performance of the PS4. MS got cloud you say? Well, PS4 has cloud too that can be used for A.I., physics and so on; doesn't need azure.

Xbox One - MS's big failure

915d ago ... I just can't believe how much the Xbox One is changing. It's definitely becoming different than the system first announced. It's like the public is telling them how to have the system. And that is where MS is failing. The company is supposed to be responsible and knowledgeable for how their product is going to be ending up being, not the people in the streets who keep telling them how they shou...

Why it's good for one console to dominate (But not too much)

964d ago ... When I look at the current sales of the X360 and PS3, they are neck and neck with the PS3 recently beating it. Now I look back at the PS2 days, and how it dominated the market. When I look at the pros and cons of the two generations, I think it is good for one console to dominate but not by too much. When the PS2 dominated there was a lot less fanboys, hardly issues of friends not getting a...

Why FFXV and Kingdom Hearts 3 should have been exclusive

971d ago ... Now, we know that SE have been weird this gen, mostly due to MS's checks and Ex-CEO Mr. Wada. I do not want them to be like this again for the next-gen console cycle, but it seems they will be anyway as they are starting off in the wrong foot. I want them to be great again and have the fans loving them again as well. They will not be that way if they keep making the same mistakes. I read thi...

Xbox Live Gold Increase-Just Say No

1981d ago ... That's right! Even if you agree with the increase, say no, you don't agree with the price increase. My reason why, is the same reason you could use in about every other situation. Microsoft Price Increase - the response from the public was positive about it and didn't mind the increase. Then you know what that means? That means, MS would know it wasn't much of a problem increasing the pri...

Want Multi-Platform Equalness?

1994d ago ... With this generation of consoles, we make a bigger deal and fuss of the power between 2 consoles. However, from the target of game developers for multi-platform games, we never get to really see the seperate power between the 2 consoles. What I am saying is Would you rather have a developer try to make a multi-platform game equal on all platforms, or have each game different taking advant...
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