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Is Nintendo Trying To Steal Sony's Image..AGAIN?

994d ago ... Welcome to the year 2012. As hard as this is to believe, there was actually a point in time where gaming did not exist in disk format. During the years of the NES era, cartridges were the main media source to provide gaming in all households. Anyone who grew up during that time period can distinctively tell you about the times when you had to blow into the Nintendo cartridge when the machine...

Grab Your Weapons Sony Snipers. It's Time For War

1370d ago ... As you already know, Sony Computer Entertainment has underwent massive reconstruction to the once impenetrable PlayStation® Network. This code red alert has left over 70 million gamers across the world from indulging in gaming nirvana. There are many of you who feel the need to direct your anger towards Sony Computer Entertainment and seek compensation, apologies and the like. Dark Sniper is...

Dark Sniper Calls Out Zhuk For Console Debate

1872d ago ... Dark Sniper sends the firing shot to end the debate of the superior console, for this final decade.

Richard Windsor of Aeropause.com lashes out against Dark Sniper and N4G.

2521d ago ... N4G's Dark Sniper responds to the harsh criticism recived by Richard Windsor of Aeropause.com.
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