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Console Gamer meets Cloud Gaming

1605d ago ... It's been claimed to be a revolution in the gaming industry so naturally I couldn't resist trying out Onlive to see if it really does live up these big claims. Onlive just recently launched in the UK and are offering a nice introductory order of one game for £1. The process was surprisingly simple, I created an account, downloaded the app and then before I know it, I was drawn into the world...

Am I regretting my 3DS purchase?

1685d ago ... In the past, I sold my DS for the sole reason that I wasn't getting much use out of it, only to ever repurchase one - a second hand model saying that - because it seems that I can not resist the lure of Pokemon games and Mario Kart. So on comes along the Nintendo 3DS and I purchase it thinking that I have myself sorted. The launch line-up was not very good admittedly; however, I was hoping t...

Could Google Chrome Be Coming to the PS3?

2018d ago ... Well first I have to firmly state that as it stands this is just a rumour! None of this is confirmed, but I thought I would share some recent experiences. Following on from that, I have to extend my thanks to the people on the European English PlayStation Forums! So, I'll start this story with a thread from a person who just wanted to say to everyone he/she had a great experience with the...

What happened to Tomb Raider?

2095d ago ... Back in 1996, I was presented with a revolutionary game. A game designed by a team called Core Design based in Derby. Then their gargantuan story began at that very moment... Tomb Raider 1 exploded onto the PC and consoles and the main protagonist of the game Lara Croft, became a mascot. Some of us may remember the brand name, Larazade? Yes, Tomb Raider 1 really did spice up the gaming indus...

PlayStation Bug has Mustered Mass Hyberbolism

2172d ago ... Just my little take on the recent PlayStation Bug.
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