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Crunch Time: The Necessary Evil

1489d ago ... With the past overtime policies of EA and the recent turmoil at Team Bondi, there has been a lot of uproarious discussion regarding overtime in the game industry. If you are familiar with the industry you know that overtime has even been given its own name of “Crunch”. Crunch happens when developers are approaching a milestone in the development of a project but are unable to achieve the goals...

How Testing Ruined Gaming

1497d ago ... Dream Job? You may think that being a tester would be a dream job for any gamer. While that is the case for some of you, think about what you might be giving up in exchange. Take a moment to consider how breaking the illusion games have created for you can have a great impact on how you perceive and enjoy gaming for the rest of your life. All That Work Do you remember the euphoric sens...
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