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Are Developers Getting Lazy or Did the Current Generation Arrive too Early?

239d ago ... As someone who started gaming back when Atari was a big deal - I've owned almost every single machine to come out. It was no shock to my wife when the latest Xbox and PS4 came out that I was right there on day one money in hand to pick up the latest shiny pieces of gaming joy. At first - my enthusiasm for the new systems was at an all time high but has since begun to wane with indifference w...

Are Annual Franchise Installments Good for the Industry?

1530d ago ... Like it or not, we're seeing franchises turned into annual installments but does the old adage of "you can never get enough of a good thing" apply here? It seems that more developers are falling into this category with annual releases of franchises with minimal improvements. The biggest perpetrator are Sports games. I used to buy Madden every year until I became weary of the minor improvemen...
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