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Why do people rage?

612d ago ... The act of uncontrollable rage over losing in a video game is a fairly common scene in the video game community. There are countless videos on youtube of people “rage-quitting” and there are gamers out there who play online for the sole purpose of hearing the horrific squeals of F-Bombs get dropped over a mic. We call these people trolls. Now, if somebody rages because they were provoked or ins...

Are video games becoming interactive movies?

1002d ago ... For most of this gen, I’ve been having a bit more trouble enjoying video games. Most games just haven’t done it for me; none of them could bring back the excitement that the games of yesteryear could. Then I found a little game called Demon’s Souls. I became engrossed in this game, more addicted than I have been to any other game in years, and I just couldn’t stop playing. Every night whe...
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