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Let's Face It: Resident Evil Is (RE) Dead And Capcom Doesn't Give A Rachel

1023d ago ... How does things like this happen? How can beloved gaming franchises like Resident Evil commit Seppuku right before our eyes and no one bat an eyelash? Before you think that this is an article bashing the game for getting wrong what other games in its category has gotten right, it isn't. If anything, it's a wistful remembrance of the game it used to be and a head scratching at why they are tryin...

Death to Added Gameplay DLCs With A Big, Barb-Wire Covered Billy Club

1023d ago ... I've never liked DLCs. Ever. Even more so for the games that have downloadable content on the disc itself with no way to access the content without paying for it. I come from the oldschool way of thinnking: if I pay for it, I own it outright and it had better have everything I need to use it without coming back to the maker. That said, I've only bought one DLC in my life--one for Fallout 3...

Are Gamers Killing Creative License?

1217d ago ... The hailstorm that came from ME3's ending was unprecedented. I can't remember the last time I saw a unified mob of gamers shaking their fists at something so vehemently. While some (like me) understood why things happened the way they did in that game, there are many, many others who feel as though they've been cheated and from a consumer's standpoint, that is the worst feeling a buyer (even mo...

Mass Effect 3's Leak was Bad, Really Bad for Gamers

1359d ago ... You would be thinking that with the Mass Effect slip up over there at BioWare (or was it Microsoft's fault? Either way.) gamers around the globe would be rejoicing at their good luck and celebrating the fact that they have more control over their gaming experience than ever before. Many are, but I'm not as what was leaked shows a disturbing idea: publishers might think you're either too lazy (o...
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