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Fractal, A Brainy Beauty

1243d ago ... Fractal: Make Blooms Not War is a beautiful, charming puzzle game - so charming I'm not even a tiny bit grumpy over it calling me "Sweetheart" before we really got to know one another. Yes, what Fractal has in spades is style. Attractive, slick controls, quality sound - it's a glamorous package for a puzzle game that has as much brains as beauty. Oh, what delicious brains they are, too! Cent...

August Contest Winners!

1246d ago ... As promised, here are our winners from the August contests! If you're curious about what's on offer for September, just clickity click: LOYAL READER LOTTERY: Congratulations, remanutd55 OtherWhiteMeat ExgamerLegends Each of you receive $100 Amazon Gift Cards! BEST USER BLOG: Congratulations christheredhead!

September Contest Details

1247d ago ... Gamers: what follows are the N4G contests for the month of September. Winners from August will be announced in the coming days. Should these September contests only whet your appetite, remember to stay tuned to this blogspace for additional swag-related contests as PAX previews and reviews go live. LOYAL READER LOTTERY: We will continue our Loyal Reader Lottery! When you visit N4G at least...

N4G Explained: A Story Within A Story

1256d ago ... Questions, we get a lot of them, and for the ones that achieve some sort of critical mass I thought it would be helpful to post about them for all you information go-getters!* "A Story Within A Story" is part of our News Guidelines ( ). Here's the relevant bit: ________ "Sometimes a site does an interview with an industry professional wh...

New Title from Fire Hose Games: Go Home Dinosaurs! Playable at PAX

1257d ago ... Feisty indie developer Fire Hose Games will be introducing their brand new title, Go Home Dinosaurs!, at PAX this coming weekend. Described as a fun, new take on tower defense players will piece together weapons shaped as puzzle pieces - all powered by tiny mammals - in an effort to defend against the invading menace: dinosaurs. Tower defense, gophers with lasers, dinosaurs and meteor shower...

Rusty Hearts Beta Keys and Phase 2

1261d ago ... Just a heads up from PWE for those of you in the Beta, the Rusty Hearts server will go offline today, August 17 at 3pm PT/5pm CT until August 24 to make preparations for Phase 2 of closed Beta testing. They’ll be making some changes and adding some content based on the feedback thus far. If you’re not in the Beta yet, but want to be, we still have some keys – just contact me here: http://n...

August Contest Details

1270d ago ... It's hard to believe July and its 100% summer awesomeness is behind us, but on the bright side: we're one month closer to fall game releases! To help you balance your budget, here are the contests for the month of August: LOYAL READER LOTTERY: We will continue our Loyal Reader Lottery! When you visit N4G at least once during every 24 hour period during the month of August you are entered in...

July Contest Winners

1275d ago ... No drumroll needed, these are the winners for the month of July here on N4G! LOYAL READER LOTTERY: Our loyal reader lottery winners for the month of July: - THC CELL - SageHonor - Chug - Kran Each receives $75 Amazon Gift Cards! BEST USER BLOG: Congratulations, The Matrix! The Matrix's blog, "Features That All Video Games Should Have (part 1)", left the voters eager for part...

July Contest Details

1302d ago ... Welcome to July, and happy leftover fireworks weekend for those of you in the U.S. and Canada! Here are the contests for July: LOYAL READER LOTTERY: Visit N4G at least once during every 24 hour period during the month of July and be entered into our Loyal Reader Lottery! If you want to keep track you can follow along with your Daily Visit score*, so if you want to make sure you've logged...

June Contest Winners

1303d ago ... Woooooo!! I am very excited to announce the winners of our June Contests! LOYAL READER LOTTERY: 1-shanks 2-geralt 3-sinncross 4-psychotica

 Each of the four winners receive their choice of either the inFamous 2 Hero Edition or the Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel Edition, or an Amazon gift card. BEST USER BLOG: 
 There were a number of really great blogs this month, from hardc...

Rusty Hearts Limited Prize Pack Giveaway

1310d ago ... Earlier today, Perfect World Entertainment announced that they will be showcasing Rusty Hearts at Anime Expo this weekend. In celebration, they are hosting a special Rusty Hearts Limited Prize Pack giveaway valued at $170 USD. Beginning on July 1 and ending on July 3, 11:59 pm PT, all players who redeem a Rusty Hearts closed beta key - or who have already redeemed a key will be entered to wi...

Skulls of the Shogun Hands-On (E3)

1325d ago ... Another gem from the IndieCade booth, Skulls of the Shogun was one of the best games on the E3 floor. Described as an action-arcade strategy game that takes only the best parts of Advance Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics and mixes them in an arcade blender, Skulls of the Shogun is a turn-based RTS game. Get all that? There's more. Battling across the seasons with up to four player multiplayer, ea...

Bioshock Infinite Preview (E3)

1325d ago ... If you're hoping to go into Infinite with a squeaky clean slate and an empty mind, don't read any further, the events discussed occur partway through the game. In a packed room of media there's a presentation of Bioshock Infinite - the story, the combat, the world. For those that need a little catching up, our main character, Booker DeWitt is a former Pinkerton agent - former because he play...

Akimi Village Hands-On at E3

1325d ago ... Akimi Village, developed by Ninja Bee in conjunction with SOE is coming to your PS3 - and it takes all their Keflings know-how and brings it into a new, if very similar title. Dropped into Akimi Village with more questions than answers - about how you got there, for starters - you quickly become acquainted with a wise old raccoon-looking guy and a half dozen little Akimi, there to help you brin...

Desktop Dungeons Preview (E3)

1326d ago ... Already an IGF winning title, many of you may not need me to tell you that there's an unassuming dungeon game you should be playing - Desktop Dungeons. Gracing the IndieCade booth, the title with roguelike roots from Cape Town developers Quarter Circle Forward (QCF) is available in Alpha build now for PC and Mac - but I got a glimpse of the future. Best described as an attractive, 2D, bite-s...

Skyrim Preview (E3)

1327d ago ... Guests waiting to enter the Skyrim presentation were herded into a room within the Bethesda booth and challenged by a representative to make sense of the wall with dragon scrawl all over it, the same one gracing a GameInformer cover which has already been translated from Dragontongue to the decidedly more intelligible: Dragonborn, Dragonborn by his honor is sworn to keep evil forever at ba...

N4G E3 Predictions Contest Winners

1327d ago ... Congratulations to our E3 Predictions Contest Winners! With your powers of foresight, we look forward to the day when you are analysts getting flamed on our front page! Skynidas won both Sony and Nintendo earning his choice of 2 of the following: a $20 PSN card or 1600 Xbox Live Points Card! Additionally, Skynidas was awarded the custom forum title "E3 Oracle"! LordMarius, with his new t...

May Contest Winners

1327d ago ... Better late than never! Here are the winners of our May contests! If you're wondering what's up for grabs in June: 

 Winner: blusoops 

Prize: A 1-year subscription to GameFly! (2 games out at a time - subscription valued at over $200) 

Here are our winners of the May User Blog contest! Each gets the...

N4G June Contest Details

1337d ago ... Welcome to June, and I hope you're all gearing up for E3 - and looking forward to what I'll be posting from E3 right here on this blog! Here are the contests for June: LOYAL READER LOTTERY: Visit N4G at least once during every 24 hour period during the month of June and be entered into our Loyal Reader Lottery! If you want to keep track you can follow along with your Daily Visit score*, so...

2011 Into the Pixel Winners Announced

1346d ago ... Our first 2011 E3 N4G post, and it's all arty! The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and the Entertainment’s Software Association today announced the winning pieces of the 2011 Into the Pixel collection. There are seventeen works in total that will join the permanent collections, and include artists from Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, Valve Software, Bioware and Big Fish Games, to name a f...
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