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"April is my last month with HAVAmedia, thank you for the past 7 years!"

N4G May Contests: WIN A PS4/XBOX ONE/WII U

569d ago ... Better late than never? Here's hoping! The May contests are... GET LUCKY TWICE: WIN A PS4/XBOX ONE/WII U One winner will be chosen at random from the winners of the contests below. That's right - have a winning May Blog, User Review, Comment or be a top Contributor in May and you're entered to win! PRIZE: Winners choice* of PS4 or XBOX One or WII U COMMENT LOTTERY: Each comment you m...

[CLOSED] City of Steam: Arkadia - Code Packs!

569d ago ... City of Steam: Arkadia is a 3D industrial age fantasy MMORPG, the debut Unity3D-based MMO from Mechanist Games. It transports players to a world where clockworks, steam power, and arcane technologies suffuse every aspect of existence, from the half-organic, half-mechanical dwarves to the giant gears of the World Machine itself. To celebrate the launch of yet more servers, we're giving away C...

April Contest Winners!

573d ago ... Congratulations, everyone! I'll have the May contests up soon. :) COMMENT LOTTERY: GRAND PRIZE: a PS4*! Congratulations, Qrphe!!! 3 Additional winners will get a $50 Amazon gift card! Those lucky commenters are: randomass171 WeAreLegion 14Feb-R BEST USER BLOG: 4 winners, a $50 Amazon Gift Card each! Honest Dragon Loves KH3 ht...

[CLOSED]N4G Easter Basket: Amazon Gift Codes!

586d ago ... UPDATE: WINNERS HAVE BEEN CONTACTED VIA N4G TICKET! CONGRATS: HIREDHELP, ANGELS3785, HYPNOTIC, NEXFERO! Happy Easter, everyone! I have a couple extra Amazon Gift codes hanging around and I thought I'd better give them away! 2 US Amazon gift codes worth $50 1 US Amazon gift code worth $25 1 UK Amazon gift code worth $25 (subject to exchange rate) To enter: 1) Comment below (just...

PAX HD Launch Party Winners!

594d ago ... Congratulations, everyone! TOP SCORE: GRAND PRIZE: Winners choice: iPad Mini, PS4 or Xbox One 1,605,007 Vortechz Runner-Up: $50 Amazon Gift Card 994264 akshgarg Second Runner-Up: $25 Amazon Gift Card 888,432 HammadTheBeast Third Runner-Up: $25 Amazon Gift Card 413,132 datpanda BONUS ROUND: The highest score as posted (and verified) by 11:59 PM EST March 28 2014 wins a $50 A...

Guess RedDragan's Baby's Name=Win Money

598d ago ... Sometimes when a user wins an N4G prize, they opt to do something a little different. Some users request the prize be donated to a charity, some want theirs to go to a sibling, and still others want me to create a contest around the naming of their firstborn. This is that contest. You see, user RedDragan had a baby, and fatherhood kept him from claiming his winnings in a timely manner. We...

N4G April Contests: Another Chance at PS4 and More!

598d ago ... Win a PS4 just for commenting - on any N4G news story! It's a reward for burbling. COMMENT LOTTERY: Each comment you make on N4G during April on any story, blog, user review - ANYTHING = 1 entry. Comment 25 times? 25 entries. 100? 100 entries. You get the idea? Yeah, you do! (Hey, this includes Forum posts!) DQ if you pick up a restriction during the contest period, and one word comment...

User Blog, Review and PS4 Winners!

598d ago ... Thanks to everyone that wrote a blog or user review for March! The judging team of judgy judges really enjoyed the submissions, and it was quite a pool of entrants by month close. If you don't remember the particulars of the March contest ( ) here's a refresher: The Best Blogs and User Reviews of March will be entered into their own smaller lottery...

MEGA N4G GOTY Bundle & Contributor Contest Winners

603d ago ... Truth: I drew the winner for the bundle yesterday, but didn't dare announce it or tell them for fear they would think it was a cruel April Fools joke! Now that we're safely on the April 2 square of the calendar... March Contributors: * $25 Amazon Gift Card Each Abriael Rashid Sayed Mega N4G GOTY Bundle:

Bubl Draw: A Toddler Review

608d ago ... Some of you N4G detectives may have sussed out that I have a tiny person in my life, The Toddler. What this means for my gaming is that there’s a whole mess of iPad apps downloaded to my Mini, and I am not their target audience. Bubl Draw was sent my way for review, and I know I'm not an isolated case of parenthood on N4G, so consider this your app recommendation for the week! While I was oc...

[CLOSED]Win GTA V and R* Swag!

612d ago ... This March we are celebrating all the winners from our inaugural N4G GOTY poll, and the giveaways are pretty crazy. If you love GTA V and Rockstar Games this is the contest for you! How to Enter: 1. Comment below on this blog by 11:59 EST, March 28, 2014. (one comment per individual, additional comments will not count). That's it, you're entered! Bonus: Please include your t-shirt size i...

[CLOSED]We're Giving Away 7 Signed Copies of The Last of Us - and more!

612d ago ... Winners have been contacted by N4G Ticket! ___________________________ This March we are celebrating all the winners from our inaugural N4G GOTY poll, and the giveaways are pretty crazy. The Last of Us won big in our poll, and Naughty Dog sent us some great stuff to celebrate! This week, you can win 1 of 7 signed copies of The Last of Us PLUS a copy of the first issue of the comic and two...

[CLOSED]PAX HD Launch Party: Win an iPad Mini, PS4 or Xbox One and up to $225 in Amazon Gift Cards!

617d ago ... Update March 27: The game is now finally available for Android (see link below), and we have added a PS4 to the random prize draw - plus you can now also choose between an iPad Mini, Xbox One and a PS4 if you win the Top Score Contest. Get your entries in by April 4 by commenting with your best score and you could be the lucky winner of a PS4 and more! HAVAmedia (N4G) collaborated in the dev...

[CLOSED]Mega N4G GOTY Bundle: Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

630d ago ... CLOSED! Winner announced: ______________________ This March we are celebrating all the winners from our inaugural N4G GOTY poll, and this giveaway is the biggest of them all...THE MEGA N4G GOTY BUNDLE! The PS4 won the poll for Best Next Gen console, so we are buying one lucky N4Ger a PS4, plus all the games AND a little something extra from the awe...

[CLOSED]Enter to Win an Outlast Code for Steam or PS4!

631d ago ... ***UPDATE*** Thanks to everyone that entered! The winners have been contacted and this contest is now closed! Be sure to check out our other contests this month over at my blog! **************** This March we are celebrating all the winners from our inaugural N4G GOTY poll! The winner of our Best New Studio was Red Barrels, and they are awesome en...

February Contest Winners!

633d ago ... Congratulations to all our February winners! It was a short but sweet month, and I hope you're ready for everything we have in store for March: _____________________________ Be my Valentine? DESIGN A VIDEO GAME VALENTINE: You guys are amazing! Be sure to check out the comments on our February blog if you want to peak at the entries. Alas, there w...

Win a PS4 - March Blog and User Review Contest

635d ago ... Here are the contest details for one of the PS4s we are giving away in March, for more info on the prizes this month go -> Blog and User Review Lottery: The Best Blogs and User Reviews of March will be entered into their own smaller lottery pool. One winner gets a PS4*! Plus... Our Favorite Blog wins a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Our Favorite...

March Contributor Contest

635d ago ... If you haven't read about how the March contest are different, stop by this blog first: All set? Here we go... Contributor Contest: In Marches past, we’ve had lotteries for Contributors instead of the usual “Top __” - things like the top 10 Contributors for March are entered in a lottery. This time we’re going a step further: I’m going to let...

March Prizes: PS4s and More

635d ago ... The month of March is going to have some different contests, and so I wanted to give you a rough outline of what to expect in the coming weeks (it’s all good)! We’re celebrating our inaugural GOTY poll by giving away all the winners*. YES, including a PS4, winner of our Best Next Gen Console category. Actually… We’re giving away TWO PS4s! So here’s some of the prizes you can look fo...

Happy Valentine's Lotto Winners!

650d ago ... Congratulations to the winners of our Valentine's lottery! Any user that submitted a Valentine in the Design a Video Game Valentine contest, their Blog or their User Review (details below) by Midnight EST on February 13th was entered into a drawing for one of two $25 Amazon Gift Cards! For the rest of the February contests visit my blog over here ->
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