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February Contest Winners!

1428d ago ... Has the wait been terrible? I'm pretty excited about this one! Here is the winner of our first ever LOYAL READER LOTTERY... **************PaladinXII!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*********** * ****** (enough "!"?) PaladinXII wins his choice of PS3 Slim or 360 Slim! Congratulations and thank you for visiting N4G so faithfully! Congratulations to the winners of the February FORUM LOTTERY:...

GDC: El Shaddai

1429d ago ... Shane Bettenhausen of UTV Ignition took precious GDC time to show me around El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, a game that stubbornly defies classification. At times a third-person action game and others a 2D platformer, what El Shaddai is throughout is beautiful. The game's art is similarly difficult to pin down, at times drawing on woodblock prints, at others on watercolor brushstrokes...

GDC: Swarm

1430d ago ... Imagine your own pack of globular lemmings that you steer like a school of very self-sacrificing fish - sacrifice being the key word in Swarm. On hand to show off the madness this week at GDC were Shane Bettenhausen of UTV Ignition and Joel DeYoung of Hothead Games. Hothead, the guys behind the Penny Arcade games and DeathSpank, are now delivering an action-puzzler with a heavy dose of platform...

GDC: Resistance 3: "Choice-Based Shooter"

1430d ago ... First off, if you haven't played Resistance 1 or 2 and would prefer to not to read any spoilers, don't read this. If you have played through Resistance 2, then it's safe to proceed. This afternoon was the multiplayer reveal for Resistance 3, and while there was the opportunity to play the single player the big news is that the multiplayer in Resistance 3 will have 16 players max. Of course,...

GDC: inFAMOUS 2's User Generated Content to "let players into that sandbox"

1431d ago ... At this afternoon's inFAMOUS 2 presentation and demo the big reveal was user-generated content. Citing the problem with inFAMOUS as "at some point, it ended" the possibility of limitless missions created by players was introduced. Sucker Punch's development director Chris Zimmerman and designer Karl Deckard revealed the full-featured tools - with the same assets and behaviors as those used t...

Win a Copy of PixelJunk Shooter 2

1431d ago ... Hey PixelJunkies! I have a code for PixelJunk Shooter 2 (the full game) that can be all yours - on one condition: You need to create and share your own PixelJunk Survivor File. In video form. You have until Midnight PST this Friday, March 4 to submit your entry. 1) Create a Survivor File and upload it to your favorite video hosting service 2) Post a link below to your video, or PM the...

GDC Day One

1431d ago ... Welcome to March! By now you've probably all checked out the March Contests Blog, but if you haven't, here are some directions: Yesterday morning I stopped off at the Microsoft Lobby Bar to play a few games. Regrettably, I fear I may never master the art of playing a game while holding an intelligent conversation and retaining the information fro...

GDC Pre-Game

1433d ago ... Just a quick note since I'm sure you're all pretty concerned about the ravages of my head cold and its snotty trail of destruction. Or maybe some GDC stuff. It's always fun traveling to a convention and surreptitiously eyeing fellow passengers on a flight, secretly estimating their relative geekiness and likelihood that they, too, will be enjoying the glut of tech throughout the week. We're...

N4G March Contest Details: Win a PS3 or 360

1433d ago ... Hello from GDC, N4Gers! I wanted to give you guys a heads up about the next round of monthly contests before March strikes - in case you need to prepare beforehand (stockpile bottled water and canned goods, perhaps?). LOYAL READER LOTTERY: Visit N4G at least once during every 24 hour period during the month of March and be entered into our Loyal Reader Lottery! If you want to keep track...

Interview with Runic Games

1435d ago ... Erich Schaefer, Brock Jones, and Wonder Russell answer our questions about Torchlight for 360 (achievements!), Torchlight 2 (new pet!), and what to do with PC gaming doomsayers. CS: For anyone that hasn’t heard the news - Torchlight is coming to Xbox 360. How long has that been in the works and when will it hit? RG: We’ve been working on the new game since Fall of 2010, and are very happy t...

N4G at GDC

1436d ago ... Hey, guys! N4G in human form will be at GDC next week - will you? If so, drop me a note, it would be great to meet up! If you won't but want your fill of GDC then stay tuned to this blog where I will post all my updates, impressions and interviews from the show. Bit of a short blog, huh? OK, here's 3 Men vs 15 Lions:

NPD: January Sales

1443d ago ... Via the NPD Group: January 2011 sales are down 5% from January 2010. Total US Games Sales reached $1.16B, versus 2010's 1.228B. Video games sales totaled $1.18B in January 2010 and are down 4% for $1.14B. Hardware sales: An 8% shift downward to $324.0MM. Software sales: 5% decline to $576.0MM Accessories saw a 6% rise to $235.1MM That brings the total software sales down 6% fr...

Slam Bolt Scrappers Interview with Eitan Glinert

1444d ago ... I asked Eitan Glinert, Fire Hose Games' very own Fire Chief, a series of brain melting questions. Fueled by Cheerios and Everclear, Eitan survived to tell us why FHG work with SOE, what he thinks about game demos, what he dislikes about motion control - and even reveals two additional character names for the first time! CS: Can you talk a little bit about the Fire Hose Games beginnings? Give...

January Contest Winners

1458d ago ... Congratulations to the winners of the January CONTRIBUTOR CONTEST: 
1. BIoodmask, $250 
2. mezzo,
 $150 3. Kors, $50
 4. Nineball2112, $50
 5. kevco33, $50 

 Congratulations to the winner of the January USER REVIEW CONTEST: jidery! Prize: 

Tritton AX Pro Dolby Digital Precision Gaming Headset Congratulat...

N4G February Contest Details: Win a PS3 or 360

1462d ago ... The contests for February have a new one thrown in - Loyal Reader Lottery - which is why you're seeing this post before the first of the month. In order to be eligible for the Loyal Reader Lottery, you have to visit N4G at least once during every 24 hour period in the month of February. More details below!* LOYAL READER LOTTERY: Visit N4G at least once during every 24 hour period during the...

December User Blog Contest Winner!

1486d ago ... December's User Blog contest was a very tight race, with three blogs within a vote of one another! The winner is... BEST USER BLOG: Winner: cgoodno with Prize: Ace Bayou Xfunctional Media Furniture X-Pedestal Audio Gamer Chair

 Congratulations!! If you don't remember the December contest details:

DCUO Beta Giveaway, Hangover Edition

1487d ago ... So, you're still bleary-eyed from that New Year's party, can't get up for work on time since Steve Jobs broke your iPhone, and DCUO releases this month - what better time to dive into the Beta? We have PC and PS3 beta keys, and you have 3 hours to enter! Contest begins now, 10 a.m. PST and ends at 1 p.m. PST (January 4). How to enter: Step 1: Change your avatar to one of the characters...

N4G January Contest Details

1488d ago ... Happy New Year, everyone! Hopefully you all have recovered enough from the holidays to dive into January and the monthly contests! Every month is a little different, so be sure to check back in at the beginning of each month for details. CONTRIBUTOR CONTEST: 
Submit news and get a top 5 News ranking in January and you can win up to $250. 
The prizes are: 1. $250 
 2. $150 
 3. $50...

Win Xbox 360 DLC Codes: Billy Joel 12 Pack

1506d ago ... UPDATE: CONTEST CLOSED. Thank you for making a Billy Joel army. :D All codes have been sent to the winners. If you don't win a code here, check out , they'll be giving away codes at random all week. ______________ Not gonna lie, I really fell in love with the Bon Jovi army we made last time Harmonix gave us codes, and now I want Billy Joel! They've given us some B...

November User Review Contest Winner!

1519d ago ... BEST USER REVIEW: Winner: TenSteps with Prize: Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures Congratulations!! If you don't remember the November contest details: ...and be sure to check out the December contest details!
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