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Perfect World Entertainment is giving away 25 3-Day passes to E3

1346d ago ... Hey, guys! I know lots of you would love to go to E3, and the good news is more than just VGVN ( ) are giving away passes! Perfect World Entertainment have built a community page for one of the two new games they'll be showing at E3 this year - Rusty Hearts. To enter, like the Rusty Hearts FB page:!/pages/Rusty-Heart...

Contributors: First v Equal

1347d ago ... When I first became a Moderator on N4G and went to work in Pending I followed a "First takes precedence" policy, approving the first accurately submitted news story on a topic. Some time ago when I was still a News Admin Dusty told me that this approach wasn't necessarily consistent with how they intended the Guidelines to be read, and that the original intention was for submissions in Pending...

New Moderators

1347d ago ... Hey, N4Gers! I invite you all to join me in welcoming two new Mods! Cgoodno and Nineball2112 are joining the N4G Moderator team today, names I'm confident you guys will recognize from their involvement across the site. If you don't recognize them, step up and introduce yourself! Then, be sure to show your love by disagreeing with all their comments. :D

 As always, let me know if you have a...


1354d ago ... My greatest battles are fought not over something you don't like about the Network, but over misinformation. I want as many of you as possible to have the correct information - because then, if you genuinely hate it, I have valuable feedback for the development team! Of course, some misinformation is more harmful than others. I have become aware of a couple of situations where a member has p...

Be an E3 Correspondent

1354d ago ... On our recent contest post ( ) it was suggested that in a future contest N4G send someone to E3. We're not doing that this year, but Video Game Voters Network is! If you think you're good on came...

March Contest Winners

1357d ago ... With April 1 safely behind us I think I can safely post the winners of March's contests without anyone worrying that it's a cruel joke! Here we go... Winner of our LOYAL READER LOTTERY... Abash!! Abash wins their choice of a PS3 Slim or Xbox 360 Slim!! Congratulations and thank you for visiting N4G so faithfully! Congratulations to the winners of the March FORUM LOTTERY: WhiteNoi...

N4G April Contest Details

1359d ago ... Well, I decided to go with timeliness and risk you all thinking this was another April Fools! Best if you know what you're going after this month, right? LOYAL READER LOTTERY: Visit N4G at least once during every 24 hour period during the month of April and be entered into our Loyal Reader Lottery! If you want to keep track you can follow along with your Daily Visit score*, so if you want t...

Rochard Hands-On

1360d ago ... Should you ever try to determine how your time is best spent at a conference with the deciding factor fixed at nationality, I'm going to have to put in a good word for the Finns. They like to eat and drink, they give me Finnish chocolate and offer wine, and they bring along Jon St. John, voice of The Duke and more recently: John Rochard. Rochard relies on two simple truths: gravity manipulat...

The Witcher 2: An RPG, Not a Story-Driven Action Game

1366d ago ... I did it, I asked the number one most obnoxious question you can possibly ask someone associated with the Witcher titles. I did it shamelessly, with reckless abandon, with reference to their website's job listings and interviews where they've mentioned it as an in-house project, I did it with the sort of desperation born of true longing: I asked about The Witcher 2 on consoles. With Tom Ohle st...

Xbox Kinect Kia Optima Sweepstakes with N4G

1368d ago ... Hey, N4Gers! Have we got a contest for you…The Xbox Kinect Kia Optima Sweepstakes! Kia Motors America (KMA) is the automotive sponsor of Xbox Kinect. Now through the end of April XBL users will get to check out the latest Kia Optima ads and download KIa Optima content, themes, and gamer pics. If users DL Kia content and register to play Kinect Sports on specific Play & Win dates, they have a...

Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion (Hands-On)

1369d ago ... In a hotel suite some blocks from GDC central a fierce battle was fought. For glory, for power-ups, for the right to say that Dexter pwns Samurai Jack. Made from scratch for the 3DS, Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion pulls 18 characters from 11 Cartoon Network shows to do battle across 32 levels and 21 arenas - explosively. If you've ever dreamed of having Bubbles smack up Chowder and Kimchi...

This St. Paddy's Day Throw one Back with Slam Bolt Scrappers

1374d ago ... Slam Bolt Scrappers is one of those games that is just plain likable. While at a show like GDC I'm often asked for my favorite game, a question that's usually difficult to answer. There are games that show potential, games that intrigue, games that are striking but we never get to try hands on - and then there are games that you walk half a mile away from the convention for so that you can meet...

Japan Relief and N4G

1374d ago ... Hey, N4Gers! A rather serious post for you here, though one I think we can all tackle with vigor. The devastation in Japan is difficult for most of us to imagine, but what we have seen and heard makes us want to help however we can. For most of us, so far from the disaster, we won't ever feel like we can do enough. Below you will find a list of organizations that are active in Japan disaster...

GDC: Uncharted 3 Eyes-On

1375d ago ... I'm back and the embargo has (in internet time) long since lifted, but you still can't hear enough about Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, can you? Debuting its third dimension at GDC it was striking to see how well-suited the environments (and theatrics) characteristic of the Uncharted series are for 3D. Using a scene from a previously shown area in which Drake and Sully battle through a burn...

Torchlight XBLA Code Contest

1375d ago ... Did you read our interview with Runic Games ( ) and dream of the day that you could play Torchlight on your 360 - for free? Well let's make that happen! - Comment on this blog post with your avatar set to either the Vanquisher, Alchemist or Destroyer and tell us why you *need* Torchlight! - Ten winners will be drawn at 9 p.m. PST, March...

Submissions for the 2011 Into the Pixel Collection Now Open

1379d ago ... Things have been a little crazy and pushed back the posting of the remaining GDC hands-on/eyes-on goodies, here's an unrelated item with a look toward E3: This week the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) opened the submission process for the Into the Pixel (ITP) 2011 exhibit. Around since 2004 the ITP collection features the art...

GDC: Ear Force PX5 from Turtle Beach

1387d ago ... It's the early hours of GDC, Friday morning, and while most conference attendees are staring glassy-eyed into the tops of their Starbucks to-go cups, I'm entirely too keen to be out of bed and trying out the latest from Turtle Beach - the PX5. Of course, they did promise that the second half of the demo could be nap time. The wireless PX5 uses Bluetooth to pair with up to two devices simult...

February Contest Winners!

1387d ago ... Has the wait been terrible? I'm pretty excited about this one! Here is the winner of our first ever LOYAL READER LOTTERY... **************PaladinXII!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*********** * ****** (enough "!"?) PaladinXII wins his choice of PS3 Slim or 360 Slim! Congratulations and thank you for visiting N4G so faithfully! Congratulations to the winners of the February FORUM LOTTERY:...

GDC: El Shaddai

1388d ago ... Shane Bettenhausen of UTV Ignition took precious GDC time to show me around El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, a game that stubbornly defies classification. At times a third-person action game and others a 2D platformer, what El Shaddai is throughout is beautiful. The game's art is similarly difficult to pin down, at times drawing on woodblock prints, at others on watercolor brushstrokes...

GDC: Swarm

1389d ago ... Imagine your own pack of globular lemmings that you steer like a school of very self-sacrificing fish - sacrifice being the key word in Swarm. On hand to show off the madness this week at GDC were Shane Bettenhausen of UTV Ignition and Joel DeYoung of Hothead Games. Hothead, the guys behind the Penny Arcade games and DeathSpank, are now delivering an action-puzzler with a heavy dose of platform...
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