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And Now for a Word on Backwards Compatibility (Part 2)

1051d ago ... Continued from And now to end my two-part blog post on the importance of backwards compatibility in gaming by addressing the most common argument against it: that it's unnecessary because those older games we love so much can still be played, all we have to do is purchase the proper console. Sure, the Wii U can't play Gamecube games like the Wii, but that'...

And Now for a Word on Backwards Compatibility (Part 1)

1051d ago ... It's no secret that the current generation of gaming consoles will soon come to a close. This generation has witnessed more changes to our precious medium than any other, and not all of them have been for the better. Among the more heated changes, like achievements and digital-rights management, is the idea of backwards compatibility. It certainly receives less attention than those other, noisi...

5 Gaming Cliches that need to DIE.

1445d ago ... Everyone has an opinion about which gaming tropes are good, and which are bad, and in most cases the quality (or necessity) of a given cliche is more dependent upon the skill with which it is executed than the nature of the trope itself. Mostly--but not always. There are some cliches infesting our contemporary medium that are simply too ridiculous to ever be implemented with any real succ...

What the 3DS Price Drop Means for Us

1533d ago ... Simply put, when I heard the news about the 3DS massive price-drop, I was got pretty pissed off about the whole thing. It's a fairly understandable reaction: Nintendo of America basically told their core consumers to "bugger off" for the second time this summer. So I did some research: surely, I thought, there must be some way for me to recoup the $70 USD I lost by buying a 3DS in the later...
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