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What "Made" Grand Theft Auto: III

845d ago ... As we verge into Grand Theft Auto: V's rich, sun-soaked plains, the best way to hold any ongoing hype until launch is by reminiscing the past memories of times long gone, and in Rockstar Games' case, the best way in which such an arduous task can be completed is by concisely compacting Rockstar Games' Herculean landscapes into a single article for easy memorial. Prepare to travel from the sordi...

Gaming Is Art, And Then Some

845d ago ... As technology developed, the human race managed to manipulate it to their liking, spawning devices used for entertainment, health, therapy, convenience and many more ingenious uses. Such uses of technology can be seen through TVs, X-RAY scanners, cars and most of all, gaming. For the first time in human history the act of gaming allowed consumers to live out the life of another - often ficti...

Satirical Articles Need To Be Banned & Stop Advertisement Comments

849d ago ... So I decided to take a break from writing on my own website in search of some news, I did so by visiting N4G: one of the most colourful websites for news variety; however, as I write this a satirical article sits at the top of N4G as the site's hottest article, this is wrong in so many ways. Firstly, the site is called "News 4 Gamers", not "Satire For Gamers" and secondly, it's the most half-as...

Is the FPS dominance stamping out creativity?

1124d ago ... As most people know (assuming you've been gaming for the past 4/5 years), the FPS genre has really taken off in the past few years thanks to the initial success of Call of Duty: 4 Modern Warfare back in 2007. Following the game's success, we have seen a yearly release from the series, numerous successful - and unsuccessful clones as well as various spinoffs from big-name competitors. So, due to...

Are trophies/achievements ruining game experiences?

1125d ago ... After entering the world of gaming during the PS1's reign, I was blown away by titles such as: Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid and Driver (being particular highlights). Why? They required imagination to play and let the player do whatever they want; whether it be the way in which they decide to execute a mission, their play-style or how they decided to explore an open-world - it all required imag...
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