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Flower and Varmints - Seperated at birth?

2380d ago ... Hi, Cajun Chicken here again, this post is about the similarities of themes with an animation short and Flower for PS3. Read on if you adore what Flower contains artistically, in themes and music.

Ode to PSP

2390d ago ... Cajun Chicken again, controversial as usual, bit more of an overall point to this one. Y'know, the PSP hasn't had such a great time in the last year. I mean, when you look at it at a broad horizion, it really hasn't. Sure, the PSP has been selling like hot cakes in Japan in regular intervals, its been selling in EU and US... But has anyone noticed...for about the most of the previous yea...

I've pretty much jumped out, who else did?

2398d ago ... Here we go, another interesting but controversial blog post from Cajun Chicken. This is actually part of a small thing I was thinking many people slowly moved away from the focus of the 360, once getting a PS3? Heres my story, anyway.

Platformers are NOT casual. I have theories of proof and this is what I think IS.

2407d ago ... Okay, I'm posting this blog because I just got worked up on the misconception that platformers are 'casual games'. Now, I have talked about the stupid non-existent gap of casual and hardcore before and I have angered and perhaps accidentally insulted some people and their gaming habits. This will be another delivering, controversial blog from Cajun Chicken, especially for fans of platformers....

We are NOT one, Sony.

2412d ago ... I would like to dedicate this article to the certification process of SCE and regions. When I first bought my PS3, I loved the idea that because of Blu-Ray, much like the PSP I could import games and play them on the PS3. Then the PSN Store problems began...
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