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The other Super Smashing game Sony published

1382d ago ... I'm going to start this blog pure and simple; 'Playstation Allstar Battle Royale' is a blatant clone of Super Smash Brothers. Not such a bad thing...but, everyone's pretending that Sony haven't experimented with SSB style gameplay before. Actually they did and you can find this game on PSN, I'm talking 'Ragdoll Kung Fu; Fists of Plastic' and there's a pretty good time to be had with friends if...

EU PSN Welcome Back Pack; My Reaction

1730d ago ... I'm willing to forgive Sony on this one as in this modern day of age, nothing is unhackable and especially by Anonymous, sure some mistakes were made, but it was exactly these kind that made Sony and the PS3 the way it was improving before this whole mess. I am willing to forgive and the fact that somewhere my details are lurking about on the internet and checking my money twice as much as I us...

Embrace the First Person Shooter Renaissance

1845d ago ... Since about 2007, if you ask me, something's been very wrong about the whole direction of the first person shooter. Sure, FPS is a genre that arguably evolves throughout the generations, but this generation, I feel, the fun has been removed from a lot of first person shooters. My personal blame for all this is the intertwining of genres, although some great games such as Bioshock have come out...


1895d ago ... -THIS POST WILL SHORTLY CONTAIN A LOT OF SPOILERS IN EXPERIENCING THE FIRST GAME- As most people know, I really enjoyed Prototype when it came out, I will be no part in the pointless Prototype VS Infamous war. But both games had their merits and in the meantime, thanks to the let down that was Crackdown 2, Prototype is the superpower sandbox game franchise I'm looking forward to entertain me...

Since when did the MP become the game?

1897d ago ... Let me begin first, modern day competitive online games are rubbish. I like online gaming on PC and consoles, but competitive games are stupid. One thing I can't stand this generation is something Halo 2 caused. The multiplayer SECTION of the game being popularised as 'the game'. This is something I can't stand, this has continued into games such as the Call of Duty series and especially whe...

Points about Infamous and Prototype: One year later

2027d ago ... Last year, about the same time, two games came out with a similar concept. One of these was a PS3 exclusive named Infamous and the other game was a multiplatform game named Prototype, the games were developed by Sucker Punch and Radical respectively. For some completely odd reason people could not accept the similarity between both the games, at a distance without footage and information, both...

Something is wrong with XBLIG

2074d ago ... Recently I've started looking up a few games on Xbox Live Indie Games. It's a much ignored part of XBLM, I find. There is admittedly a lot of awful, terrible games on XBLIG, in fact the amount of horribly designed games clearly outrank the good games in number. But hey, it's always the case with anything, there's some great games up there. Especially addictive twinstick shooters I own about...

Classic FPS PC source ports for beginners

2155d ago ... First Person Shooters are rubbish these days. Of course, the classics such as Doom, Duke Nukem 3D and the like are somewhat laughable these days too. In this blog I'll give you hints and tips how you can make a classic FPS playable for the modern age thanks to the great user community of classic PC FPSes that REFUSE TO DIE. This is going to be the longest ever blog I submit to N4G.

Why Resistance 3 should be perfection, OR; A postmortem of Resistance PS3 to date

2164d ago ... Resistance 3 is happening, we've seen the logo which will be conveniently placed as product placement in a movie, we know, in a cryptic way Resistance 3 is happening and in plot the odds will be huge and it might be set in New York. To put it straight, Resistance and R2 have both been distinctly average games, it doesn't feel like the same amount of care as the Ratchet series has been put...

I am Scum, the secondhand gamer.

2178d ago ... I'm a secondhand gamer and I'm proud to say this aloud. Everyone knows most the western world has been caught up in a recession, but of course, the game industry has to find someone to blame why they aren't making the sales they intended. This scapegoat my friend, always appears to be the secondhand gamer.

The sad tale of three Quarters of God of War II

2213d ago ... This post is mainly about one thing; The fact that I haven't completed God of War II, why you may ask? Because it's hard. No. Not specifically the game, the game itself is quite enjoyable, the difficulty enough to enjoy. One area has me stressfully stuck.

The age of innocence of Playstation is almost over

2297d ago ... I believe that a strong part of the Playstation brand was the fact that there were 'kiddy' games which adults could also play too, right back to the original Crash Bandicoot to Medievil, Spyro, Ape Escape and then moving onto the PS2 with Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank and the Sly series. The Playstation and PS2 had this brilliant split between child friendly platformer franchises and adult...

Concern for the modern PS3 fan

2341d ago ... This is something I've been planning of writing for some time. It refers to the '10 year lifecycle of the PS3' based upon how long the PS2 has been selling retail, still with new games, this is not a PS3 is 'doomed', but this is a worth being concerned over if you have a PS3. It's also about games.

Imagine IF...Rollcage HD existed

2356d ago ... About a decade ago, a new racing game appeared on the Playstation and PC, originally looking to possibly replace the Wipeout franchise, the new Psygnosis published game 'Rollcage'. However, the game was not in fact developed by Psygnosis, but a small team of developers called ATD, (Attention to Detail) followed by a sequel in 2000 named 'Rollcage: Stage Two'. Imagine if Rollcage HD actuall...

A Brit's view of the future of the PS3

2360d ago ... Hi, Cajun Chicken here once again after quite a few months of zilch blogging. This is not a doom and gloom article about Sony, nor is it an article which is only on the subject of the PS3 Slim and how 'MS is going to react', but, hey, come on, how can I avoid that?


2395d ago ... I've officially had it recently with the way I noticed on N4G and gaming journalism on the whole which has whole-heartedly accepted the use of the word 'superior' into vocabulary, the whole console wars and just general flamebait. I tell you what, I have a great idea, lets have a look what 'superior' means outside of the recent gaming journalism world.

Abusing Innovation

2426d ago ... This blog isn't about the usual argument of which one will be the best, its about the constant invention of these great innovations and developers and publishers failing to use them how we originally saw fit. The potential in such a thing and how most of the time, that potential is never fully realised. I personally find this type of 'abusing of technology' annoying, in fact, I get annoyed just...

To be filtered down - to be focused on more

2485d ago ... To be filtered down - to be focused on more. Gaming.

Back to Jak. Not Jak to the future.

2499d ago ... On the 1st of April 2009 (known as April Fools 2009) a day after a worldwide (except UK) PS2 price cut, Sony announced a new Jak and Daxter game was to be released on the PS Blog, not made by the creators Naughty Dog and not on the PS3. At this point, I'm pretty sure every Jak fan was in shock, I can only imagine the pure chaos on official J&D forums

Concept of the Theoretical Incredibly Awesome but Impossible Game.

2507d ago ... I had an simple, complex idea for game, I thought this must be discussed, see what you think.
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