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Will Ninja Gaiden 3 lose the feel from its predecessors?

1646d ago ... Everyone knows the Ninja Gaiden series for its blood, gore, great gameplay that makes you rage quit a thousand times and so many sexual themes. To this day Ninja Gaiden from the last decade is still my favorite Ninja Gaiden next to it is sigma for the ps3. Now I bet everyone knows that Ninja Gaiden 3 is coming out and I officially announced but after viewing the gameplay trailer I felt very...

Has the Media and the Government gone ballistic on the subject of video games?

1651d ago ... Recently this year we have seen much violence that many believe is caused from violent video games. Now there are video games that have shown excessive gore, strong language, and other themes that promote violence(bulletstorm, ninja gaiden, gta 4,god of war, etc) but I'm sick of biased people who don't understand that we have other things violence and terror. If you ever took United States h...

Are game companies doing the right thing for piracy or making it worse?

1652d ago ... One of the worst things for PC game makers and the business is pirating. Pirating has grown greatly with games and especially with music and movies. This generation game publishers have a program included in most pc games called DRM(Digital Rights Management) which is a software that limits installations, burning or distribution of the game, and other ways to fight piracy, but this just encoura...

Whats better disc or digital

1653d ago ... Digital is beginning to dominate the gaming and other media formats today thanks to methods such as streaming from Netflix®, music from iTunes® marketplace, the popular e-books and kindle® and Steam store®. This has changed peoples opinions over the physical product and those with great internet are taking advantage of this life change. First I will start with the pros of the digital format....
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