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Toxicity, the Internet Gamer Community

318d ago ... I've recently become, and been made, aware of the impact the internet gaming community was having on my personal well-being. Long story short, I have many reasons in my life to be happy, yet my attitude is more negative than it ought to be. I've realized that was because I was part of a toxic community. Now I want to say I hold no illusions. I will absolutely not pretend that the gaming comm...

RDR: Undead Nightmare, or "How to push gameplay mechanics past their breaking point"

1508d ago ... Red Dead Redemption's a game that interested me from the start. However, my experience with GTAIV was less than pleasant because of the game's (IMO) extremely poor gameplay. And because RDR obviously runs on the same engine, I had my reservations. But recently the game was on sale for 20$, and at the same time all its DLC was available as a bundle for 10$ on the PSN--essentially a 90$ value for...
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