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My disillusionment with gaming

2223d ago ... When did I stop enjoying gaming?

Why do you care about sales figures?

2451d ago ... Why do gamers care about sales figures?

Does games journalism do gamers a disservice?

2474d ago ... The standard of games journalism, does it do gamers a disservice by focusing on the low brow and the rumour?

Gimmicks are ruining games

2477d ago ... A short look at the problems caused by the gimmicky additions to some games and how it can destroy the core mechanics of games in general.

Will Spore and LBP expose the limitations of games journalism?

2494d ago ... A post examining the limitations that current game reviews have and asks if extremely non-linear games with user generated content can be given a truly reflective review by journalists before the software establishes its community.

GTA4 DLC - A disaster waiting to happen?

2503d ago ... Microsoft really went all out in advertising the exclusive GTA4 content that is coming to the 360 before the games release. 4 months on with no information about the DLC, store shelves full of traded in copies of GTA4 and the game is on no-ones radar; could Microsoft be writing their own cautionary tale in the dangers of DLC to a balance sheet?
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