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Bloodmask Presents: Cry for Me Sony Fanboy

2392d ago ... An analysis of the behavior of the Sony fanboy collective on N4G.

Bloodmask Presents: Instant Sony Fanboy Relief

2485d ago ... This feature is an in-depth look at an item that can rid the N4G community of a certain demographics than can be considered to be bothersome.

Bloodmask Presents: What Say You Sony Fanboy?

2493d ago ... This is in in-depth quiz based upon the previous information I have offered the N4G community form my previous blog posts.

Bloodmask's In-Depth Guide to Identifying A Sony Fanboy

2506d ago ... In this exclusive guide you will learn the basic steps to identifying a Sony fanboy. Sometimes they are hard to spot so hopefully this article will be an informative educational piece that can be of value to the N4G community.

Bloodmask Exclusive Analysis: N4G Bubble System

2508d ago ... This piece is a comparative analysis of how the bubble system on N4G is supposed to work according to the guidelines posted about it and how it seems to work on the site.

Bloodmask's Sony Fanboy Community Spotlight Vol 1

2512d ago ... Hello N4G community and welcome to my second official blog. Today's piece is going to highlight the mentality or lack thereof of the typical Sony fanboy.

Bloodmask's Hate Mail of the Day 3/10/09

2524d ago ... A day in the life of an N4G contributor can be amusing to say the least. Here is a brief glimpse.
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