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Peter Molyneux Presentation - Eurogamer Expo 2010

1961d ago ... 12.00PM Here we are in the front row for the Peter Molyneux Eurogamer presentation. The queue was absolutely heaving so I'm going to be amazed if everyone got in but happy to see that Andy Farrant and Dan Maher are chilling out behind us. The stage set up consists of a large projected screen featuring the EGE logo but you can definitely tell that Peter has put his touch in here. One cor...

Rage/id Software Conference w/ Q&A (feat. NVIDIA 3D) - Eurogamer Expo 2010

1961d ago ... 16.55PM The queue for these conferences have always been huge and today is no exception. People have been queuing at least an hour and a half before the conference is due to start. Luckily our press passes save the day and we are once again in our usual seats on the front row. 17.00PM The room is heaving but before Tim Willits takes the stage, a rep from NVIDIA comes onto stage to present...

99 lives but I just need one

2007d ago ... "Does anybody rent video games anymore?" I found myself asking this question after a discussion with my partner about our LoveFilm membership and the possibility of upgrading. LoveFilm for those that don't know, is a great service where you get to rent DVD's and games, keep them as long as you like with no late fees, and then send them back for another. Free postage! All for a monthly fe...
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