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An Open Letter to Jack Thompson

1956d ago ... Dear Mr. Thompson, I am Andrew Delorme, a 22 year old gamer, a gamer before the ESRB and other game rating systems. I found your recent comments a bit childish for a man of your stature. In this open letter I would like you to know a bit about me, and a bit of the gamer community. When I was a child, I would play some of the most violent games of that era, Doom, Shadow Warrior, Duke Nuke...

Double Standards: The Taliban Controversy

1960d ago ... WARNING: This post may contain material that can be considered fanboyish, mature language, and common sense. You have been warned. With the recent backlash about a single name - Taliban, the media is giving much unneeded flack to the game industry. We as gamers should be appalled by the media, especially when they basically force a change in a video game that affects us all. Yeah its just a...

E3: Nintendos Press Conference

2068d ago ... Let me start off by saying OH MY GOD! I creamed myself. Announcements of Donkey Kong, Kirby,Epic Mickey, Legend of Zelda, Kid Icarus, and an extremely surprise announcement of Goldeneye 007. Nintendo, you have certainly outdone yourself this year, and you may have even stolen the show from Sony. Good Job! This was easily the most action packed Nintendo E3 conference EVER! Despite a li...

E3: Day One RoundUp

2069d ago ... Today was a sad day in the history of gaming, very few game announcements, sub par shows, and just a complete lack of the wooing that gaming does for me. This afternoon, the Microsoft Conference - All started out well with videos showing gameplay of Call of Duty: Black Ops and Metal Gear Rising. a bit of Halo:Reach.. Then... Microsoft couldn't keep away from Kinect, formerly known as Project...

E3: Microsofts Press Conference

2069d ago ... WARNING: THIS BLOG MAY CONTAIN CONTENT THAT CAN BE CALLED FANBOYISM Ah yes, E3, a wonderful time for gamers, a place where the Big Three announce new games, new hardware, and make you goto bed with them for a lovely night only so they can take your money in the morning - Well... Not so much with Microsoft this E3. In my many years as a gamer, I have never felt so let down, so used, so rip...

Gaming: The Final Frontier

2413d ago ... My thoughts on the future of gaming and what it will be like in 20 years. Warning: may cause a thinking headache

Does ESRB have too much power?

2429d ago ... A rant about how the ESRB has too much power.

The N4G Fanboy Dispute

2786d ago ... Our Fanboy problem, please, everyone read

Should Gaming Be an Art Form?

2805d ago ... Should Videogames be considered an art form, just as paintings have become masterpieces

Has Gaming lost its game?

2808d ago ... Has gaming lost its game? Is there such thing as a game anymore or is it all simulation and no fun? here are my views.
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