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"Killing pixels now and then..."

Let's talk: Technical.

903d ago ... Everytime I read an article about next-gen hardware, the computer scientist inside me vomits. I hate it how all these “video games journalists”, usually under-educated and with little-to-none research, speak and compare hardware and software without having a single clue what they are saying. This blog post will be technical, maybe not as much as a Systems Architecture 101 module at University,...

Thoughts on the Next-Gen and the Industry (Technical article from a Soft Developer)

1073d ago ... The "next-gen" is coming, in fact it is "technically" already here with the WiiU. After going through countless of posts in N4G and other sites, reading so many comments I decided to write quick blog post as objective as possible. First my general background: I am currently working as a Software Developer with specialisation into data encryption algorithms, mainly Java and pseudo-parallel pr...
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