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I regret buying a 3DS…

1518d ago ... So i bought my 3DS only days after it’s release hoping to jump into the amazing world of Mario and his family in 3D, but soon enough i had my dreams crushed, i bought the device along with Street Fighter 4 and although i’m not a big fan of fighting games and as i never played any previous parts of the series before i had to go with it because it was the only decent launch title and it was very...

Things We want in the next generation

1590d ago ... 1- Free Online Gaming On All Consoles: Online gaming is a very important feature of now a days games, it's also a huge game and console seller,which means the manufacturer will gain more money from selling more devices just because there are couple of kick-ass online games, so why charge for it? especially if your competitors provide the same quality of service for free. 2- More Famous...

Next gen, Are we ready yet ?

1658d ago ... With speculations about Nintendo releasing their new console next year a very important question forces itself at us,Are We Ready yet ?!Well there are two answers for that: No & Yes. You probably wondering now( is this guy an idiot or what ) let me explain to you first why it is yes,For Nintendo fans it's absolutely necessary to release a new console as soon as possible.Let's face it the Wii be...
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