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Do not blame Xbox for Final Fantasy 13.

1099d ago ... Hi guys. I am a huge Final Fantasy fan, but I wouldn't say I am as nuts about the franchise as some people. Sure, I have a cool avatar, but I can't give you the most in depth information on Square like other members of this site. I can't list all the game designers, composers etc included in the Final Fantasy franchise. What I am sure of is that I love the games and that is what matters most. I...

Metal Gear Solid games are the perfect sequels.

1192d ago ... How do you make a great sequel? It seems these days you get a majority of developers simply using an existing formula and running with it. To be fair why wouldn't you? A fan of a certain franchise would expect the next installment to have the same feel as the previous games. For example... Uncharted, Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 all feel the same. It isn't a bad thing because the games are so br...

Why I think there should NOT be a FF7 remake

1402d ago ... Hey guys and girls. For the longest time one of the hottest topics on the web is the hope of a Final Fantasy 7 re-make. I admit I saw that infamous tech demo years back and it blew my mind. Of course people got confused and branded it as a trailer which pretty much resulted in a bunch of fanboys running wild when they realised it was simply a tech demo and Square-Enix had no intentions of a rem...

Top 10 Songs this gen

2265d ago ... My top 10 musical pieces of this gen

Artistic Direction

2272d ago ... My opinion regarding art direction in games
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