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Franchises Which Need Games #1: Tenchi Muyo

88d ago ... I decided to start writing this blog after having a long binge watching session, this is where I would finish off the last of my work and decide to watch something I need to watch or haven't watched in ages, this week I decided to binge watch Tenchi Muyo. As I sat in my room and watched the very first episode to it's last it got me thinking about one thing "DAMN, this universe is perfect for...

inFAMOUS Second Son: A Fantastic but Disappointing Letdown

95d ago ... WARNING SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW AGAIN SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW ... Right first of all lets make one thing clear, I like this game, so this isn't some massive rant on how the game is crap and how I hate it, I've actually enjoyed my time on it a lot. Anyway lets begin inFAMOUS Second Son for me was a game that I had been hyped up about since it was first announced for the PS4 in February...

Animal Crossing New Leaf: So Close, Yet So Far

210d ago ... If there's one game I love for my 3DS it's Animal Crossing New Leaf, it makes sense really I loved Animal Crossing for the Gamecube, Animal Crossing Wild World for the DS and even Animal Crossing City Folk for the Wii but despite my love for this franchise I'm always angry with each new release. Now your probably wondering how on Earth can you love something so much yet hate it at the same time...
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