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Gaming and Education Part 1: My Perspective as Educator and Gamer

93d ago ... This is a topic that often is thrown around, but I wanted to contextualize it. It's not rare to hear many people boast that gaming has educational benefits, but I wanted to really emphasize this for two reasons: I am an educator. I am a gamer. That said, as an undergrad in education, you tend to be surrounded by a lot of people who view gaming differently. Gaming does not have a specif...

Naughty Dog's Greedy DLC Plan & Why Fans Ask For Free Maps

268d ago ... This is the FULL Story as to why fans are upset with Naughty Dog's greedy DLC structuring with the Last of Us. In this blog, I outline why this is more than "just cosmetics", what the actual issue is, and why Naughty Dog has been getting a bad rep amongst the MP fans for how they've chosen to handle their consumer transactions. Table of Contents: 1) The Initial Article (And the Issue I Ha...

Buying Last of Us? Give Multiplayer a Chance!

273d ago ... Last of Us Remastered has dropped, and I wanted to remind people: give the multiplayer a good look! It did not surprise me to see that a lot of people overlooked the multiplayer experience, but with a fresh new start on PS4, I wanted to promote what I feel was an incredibly unique experience that deserves to be played! When people usually ask "why is Last of Us's' Multiplayer worth playing?"...

TitanFall's Bots (And 4 of its Criticisms)

439d ago ... One of the most controversial addition to TitanFall are its bots. I've noticed criticism for their inclusion, but also some confusion about their role and how they are utilized. Further, they are also the source of deeper criticisms involving player count and Respawn's ability to design a game with good A.I. I aim to look at four of these criticisms centered around the inclusion of bots, and...

25 Features Missing/To Improve the PlayStation 4 Social Ecosystem

525d ago ... The PlayStation 4 has launched in a generation defined by social integration, multimedia applications, and personalization of our online identities. All the while building on its predecessor, PlayStation 4 has made it clear that this time around, Sony is intent on making the social and personal ecosystem of what were once simply game-playing machines, into something versatile and intuitive....
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