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Xenoblade Chronicles (Game)

Xenoblade Chronicles X Looks Like A Worthy Successor | Hardcore Gamer

607 days 19 hours ago - We hadn’t seen much of the mysterious “X” until today, but nintendo came out swinging for E3, with story and gameplay details galore and a massive... | Preview | Wii U


Pure Nintendo Magazine Issue #5 Out Now

1366 days 13 hours ago - Pure Nintendo ( just released their newest issue for their magazine, Issue 5. It covers Nintendo's E3 2012 show coming up and wha... | Preview | Nintendo DS


My Love/Hate/Adore Relationship with Xenoblade

1400 days 2 hours ago - The game I wanted to love above all others is finally in my hands. The initial verdict after a few hours of playing? Well, it's complicated... | Preview | Wii


Xenoblade Chronicles Preview | CheatCC

1487 days 21 hours ago - After several denials, Nintendo is finally bringing Xenoblade Chronicles stateside. Is it too little too late, or will it close the Wii’s run on a... | Preview | Wii


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Xenoblade Chronicles Preview | GameDynamo

1508 days 21 hours ago - GameDynamo - "Usually, quality titles from Japan are localized with great swiftness. However, in Xenoblade's case, the Western world had to deal wi... | Preview | Wii


TheSixthAxis Hands On: A Long Walk With Xenoblade Chronicles

1624 days 8 hours ago - TSA writes: "I’ve always kept half an eye on Xenoblade Chronicles, even though I’m not the world’s biggest RPG fan (Japanese or otherwise). After s... | Preview | Wii

120° ~ Xenoblade Chronicles | First Impressions (Wii)

1626 days 15 hours ago - RoboAwesome: For a few months, rabid Nintendo owners across the globe were petitioning the publisher to release a series of “hardcore” RPGs in the... | Preview | Wii


The Chronicles of how I fell in love with Xenoblade

1629 days 21 hours ago - ButtonCombo writes: If there is anything you should take away from all of the below, it is this: if you’re European, buy Xenoblade right now, and i... | Preview | Wii


CVG - Xenoblade Chronicles: Could this be the best RPG on Wii?

1637 days ago - CVG - America, avert your eyes. This is the game that's got everyone all up in arms on the internet, basically because we're getting it in the UK a... | Preview | Wii


Vooks: Hands-on with Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)

1644 days ago - Vooks writes: September 1st (for Australia). That’s the big day. The day you will finally get to hold the glorious Monado blade in your own two han... | Preview | Wii


Play Test: Why You Should Want Xenoblade to Come to the U.S.

1653 days ago - Our hands-on with the European version of the MIA title reveals on the of best RPGs in years. ( | Preview | Wii


Xenoblade Chronicles Preview (

1653 days 6 hours ago - Capsule Computers has written some impressions about Xenoblade Chronicles, an RPG coming to the Nintendo Wii. | Preview | Wii


An Hour with Xenoblade Chronicles

1714 days 7 hours ago - I had the privilege to attend my first MCM Expo over the weekend. Never being much of a manga, anime or comic fan, I made my way straight towards t... | Preview | Wii


Gamer Gaia At London MCM - Hands On With Xenoblade Chronicles

1716 days 6 hours ago - Alas poor Wii, I knew you well. Now you just stand in the corner, slowly gathering dust and only being wheeled out in moments of party-game desire.... | Preview | Wii

90° - Xenoblade Chronicles Preview

1734 days 19 hours ago - March 31, 2011: Nintendo Europe announces Xenoblade in the Old World (for the occasion, renamed Xenoblade Chronicles) by a teaser site. The game wi... | Preview | Wii

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