Xenoblade Chronicles (Game)

The BD Firesides Episode 4: Generation Seven

557 days 4 hours ago - This episode of Firesides sees hosts Gregory Edwards and DJ Hansen getting nostalgic with Boss Dungeon writer Michael Carey and friend of the show... | Podcast | Wii


Episode 22: Baby Bones

695 days 9 hours ago - Starring: Jordan Haygood, Marshall Henderson, barrel, and Khorne There are times when I question the kind of stuff we talk about on this show...... | Podcast | PC


Episode 17: Sidequesting With a Raven

730 days 1 hour ago - This episode is, unfortunately, missing a Marshall. But we did manage to snag a guest host to replace him. Joining us this time around is a game de... | Podcast | PC


Episode 3: Gameplayman Legends: The Movie

833 days 6 hours ago - Episode 3 of Game Podunk's official community podcast, starring various members of the community from staff to members. In this episode, we discuss... | Podcast | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

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The Downpour Podcast Episode 7: The Xenoblade Spoilercast

846 days 4 hours ago - Oprainfall discusses one of the games most closely linked to their identity. | Podcast | Wii


Dual Wielding: Game of the Year 2012 Edition

868 days 1 hour ago - The votes are in, and Dual Wielding is ready to share it's 2012 Game of the Year picks along with a host of other awards. | Podcast | Nintendo DS


Dual Wielding 92: Mass Xenoblade Uprising Boxart

896 days 11 hours ago - Dual Wielding continues its march to Game of the Year by taking a look at the major release from March-June of this year. Included in the batch are... | Podcast | Wii


The Downpour Podcast Episode 4 | oprainfall

897 days 7 hours ago - Oprainfall writes: "Ladies and gentlemen! Determined not to keep you waiting another five months, The Downpour Podcast arrives on the scene once... | Podcast | Wii U


NWR: Best of the Wii: Xenoblade Chronicles

976 days 22 hours ago - NWR: How do you talk about a 70+ hour game in 18 minutes? We'll show you. | Podcast | Wii


Fall Damage Podcast 137 – The Show of Shows Show

1030 days 1 hour ago - Fall Damage: It’s the last Fall Damage until October, and the gang is joined by a super-secret special guest you’ll have to hear to believe. Day-Z,... | Podcast | Culture


The Gamesmen, Episode 74- User Generated Content

1108 days 8 hours ago - Join Lyfeliek, Hardlydan, Xcalybr and Rabid Scotsman and for game talk and fun! This time, the Gamesmen talk a bit about game capture devices and M... | Podcast | PC


Super Gaming Best Friends #107 - Heroes from Two Sides

1118 days 11 hours ago - Nothing brings people together better than real-time strategy dates. Josh, Justin, Ethan and Cole go to battle for all of us in the battle of talki... | Podcast | PC


SBG Podcast 0226 | Blowing on it always works

1120 days 21 hours ago - SBG: "In this episode, Graham, Andrew, Shawn, Jeff, Chris and Chris talk about gaming hardware failures, from the ill-advised NES slot design and t... | Podcast | Culture


Super Gaming Best Friends #107 - Share Your Coconut Water

1132 days 9 hours ago - Giant robots engaged in an eternal battle give Josh, Justin, Ethan and Aaron more than enough reasons to try to figure out what exactly a Xenoblade... | Podcast | PC


We’ve Been Doing This for a Looong Time - TGA GameKraft GameKast Episode 51

1132 days 9 hours ago - "Pretty much our standard episode, including the recent games we’ve played, media, and news. And there is a lot to talk about, including Xenoblade... | Podcast | Nintendo DS


Disembodied Voices Episode 37: In Which Cameron is Agreeable

1133 days 13 hours ago - theDVcast.com writes: "It’s a brand new episode with a brand new positive outlook! Zachary, Stephen, and Bryan chat amiably about Xenoblade Chro... | Podcast | Wii


N4G Radio 04/16/2012

1135 days 19 hours ago - This week the guys welcome back Mr. Futon to discuss all the goodies he saw at PAX East and Gambus hosts an epic fondling. Games Covered: Max P... | Podcast | PC


The Gamesmen, Episode 72- Of Beat Rooms And Storiolas

1137 days 5 hours ago - Join Lyfeliek, Hardlydan and Rabid Scotsman and for game talk and fun! This time, the Gamesmen talk a bit about the deluge of games currently to pl... | Podcast | PC


Disembodied Voices Episode 36: Asura's Favorite Episode

1139 days 11 hours ago - theDVcast.com writes: "Jerk levels soar to new heights in this insulting edition of Disembodied Voices. Stephen rudely lectures Cameron on his l... | Podcast | GameCube


SBG Podcast 0225 | The state of the JRPG in 2012

1142 days 20 hours ago - SBG: "In this episode, we share our feelings about the current state of JRPGs, discussing Xenoblade Chronicles, Tales of Graces F, Class of Heroes... | Podcast | Culture


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