Xenoblade Chronicles (Game)

This Quarter Could Be The Best Yet For RPG's

999 days 9 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: The second quarter of 2012 may very be the best in a long time for RPG’s. After a sluggish start on the role-playing front, this gen... | Opinion piece | PC


5 Great Games You May have Missed this Generation

875 days 6 hours ago - This holiday, the launch of the Wii U will be upon us, hailing the start of a new generation of consoles. Additionally, its expected that Microsoft... | Opinion piece | Wii


Top 10 Upcoming Game Releases (April 2012)

1000 days 10 hours ago - GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes: It’s April 1st and by now you’re probably tired of all the April Fools Day jokes. There were some good ones, bu... | Opinion piece | Wii


7 Games In April 2012 That Deserve Your Attention

1010 days 9 hours ago - In terms of quantity, April has fewer video games releasing than both March and February. What it lacks in quantity though, it more than makes up f... | Opinion piece | PC


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April 2012 New Releases: The Calm Before The AAA Storm

1006 days 8 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: April is definitely the calm before the AAA storm we will see in May. There are still some great games coming out this month though,... | News | Nintendo DS


Five Games that Revitalized the JRPG This Generation

488 days 6 hours ago - Seeing as how Square was the one to introduce the JRPG to a new generation with the release of Final Fantasy VII, many have have seen their decline... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


What can Japanese RPG developers learn from Rayman: Origins?

1023 days 10 hours ago - Joystiq: Alright, I'll give you a moment to wrap your brain around that statement, then I'll explain. As most of you know, Rayman: Origins is a co... | Opinion piece | PC


USA Preorders Chart, 17 March 2012 - Resident Evil, kid Icarus

1009 days 18 hours ago - There are two games in the top 30 to be in its final week before launch, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3,... | Rumor | Nintendo DS


New Releases for the Week of April 1st-April 7th, 2012

1002 days 12 hours ago - Although this Sunday marks that mischievous event known as April Fool’s Day, we assure that reports of the Devil May Cry HD Collection on store she... | News | Nintendo DS


USA Pre-Order Chart Week Ending 03rd Mar 2012

1027 days 6 hours ago - The most pre-ordered games in the USA ranked by unit sales | Rumor | Nintendo DS


New Releases: April 1st – 7th 2012, Xenoblade Chronicles

1001 days 12 hours ago - The biggest highlight of the week is easily Xenoblade Chronicles. We are playing through it right now (expect a full review very soon) and the game... | News | Nintendo DS


Top 10 JRPGs This Generation

1057 days 8 hours ago - GamingUnion.net: "In honour of Final Fantasy XIII-2's release this past week, we've decided to compile a list of our ten favourite Japanese role-pl... | Opinion piece | PSP


The Biggest Games of Spring! - IGN

1012 days 12 hours ago - IGN: The weather's getting warmer as winter's chill melts away into a sunny spring, beckoning us all to step outside into the light and explore... | Opinion piece | PC


USA Preorders Chart, 24 December 2011 - Slow Week

1097 days 6 hours ago - There are no games in the top 30 to be in its final week before launch. The top five games include Mass Effect 3 (X360), Diablo III (PC), Kinect St... | Rumor | Nintendo DS


USA Weekly Chart Week Ending 14th Apr 2012

982 days 12 hours ago - The week's top-selling games at retail ranked by unit sales | Rumor | Nintendo DS


The Top 5: Open World Games

457 days 6 hours ago - Hot on the heels of Grand Theft Auto V-mania, the Gamer Horizon crew lists off their Top 5 open world games. | Opinion piece | PS2


IGN: The Best Role-Playing Games of 2012

1066 days 14 hours ago - IGN: Some of the best and brightest. Regardless of your preferred style of role-playing game, you should have something to look forward to in 2012. | Article | Wii


Gamestop restocks rare game. Collectors screaming scam

501 days 9 hours ago - Gamestop have stocked up on used copies of the extremely rare XenoBlade Chronicles for the Wii. However many suspect the games aren’t used at all. | News | Wii


Rare ‘Xenoblade Chronicles’ Game Selling For Over $100

528 days 14 hours ago - Remember how Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii is only exclusive to Gamestop in North America? Apparently, if you managed to get a copy, you have an... | News | Wii


USA Preorders Chart, 18 February 2012 - Asura's Wrath

1041 days 4 hours ago - There is one game in the top 30 to be in its final week before launch, Asura’s Wrath (PS3). The top five games include Mass Effect 3 (X360), Tom Cl... | Rumor | Nintendo DS


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